2019’s Hot Trends to Wear to the Casino Tonight

2019 has brought with it some sizzling new styles in the world of fashion, and all of them would be perfect to add to your casino wardrobe for your future gambling outings.

Every major designer that has unveiled new collections this year has focused largely on expressing individuality and empowering women to be the best that they can be; and what better way to express yourself than with some fine fashion at your favorite salon prive? Here are the year’s biggest trends so far that you should definitely think about adding to your repertoire!

#1: Hippy Modernism

The hippy movement has received a modern, trendy overhaul this year thanks to top designers, who took the Neo Boho trend to a level of fun escapism. To stay on trend, consider going for a look that would not look out of place in the middle of a sunset-stricken desert.

This look should include flowing white and neutral clothes, amulet jewellery, bohemian crocheted and woven pieces, and any other authentic souvenirs that you may have picked up along your travels. Complete your modern hippy casino look with clashing geometric prints, sun-illuminated neutrals, fringing, woven Bali shoulder bags, and laid-back knits.

#2: Colour Wheel Wardrobes

The suit has made a comeback too in 2019, this time with a far more bold and colourful appeal. The season of ‘Starburst Suiting’ is upon us, so expect to see loads of bright hues and clean-cut lines on the runway this year.

Shorts, skirts, jackets and trousers are all bang on-trend, and they all translate perfectly into a smart-casual gaming floor look that everyone will remember. For a more refined look, pair your attire with softer pastel accessories or denim, along with a timeless double-breasted blazer.

#3: Utility Wear

Stylish, low-key utility wear is back in fashion thanks to Virgil Abloh, who revealed the concept of ‘accessomorphosis’ at his debit Louis Vuitton menswear show. This season, countless other fashion houses put their own spin on that same theme, pushing pieces like boxy car coats and multi-pocketed pants with labels for your keys, phone and coins.

If you need to multitask between work, family and playing online bingo UK, the chances are that your clothes need to multitask right along side you. Go for comfortable but attractive fashion that includes patch pockets, front-heavy utility belts and moon bags, and cargo pants in toned-down, dusky colours.

#4: Skew Couture

Asymmetry and eclecticism are two major themes in this year’s fashion trends. Currently, clothes adorned with tulle, balloon sleeves, tafetta and satin, bubble skirts and massive volume dresses are big, especially in the world of evening wear. To make the movement more accessible, opt for more casual versions of these pieces in as many bright, bold and bizarre patterns as possible, and remember to keep it extravagant.

#5: Feathered Accessories

If you need to accessorise at your next gambling-related outing, choose feathers. Hot off the runway this year are ostrich, peacock, and even flamingo feathers on shoes, bags, earrings – you name it. Feathers are officially the new fur!