The Definitive Guide to Casino Dress Codes

Casino Dress Codes Guide

So you’ve been invited to an event at a casino and the invitation has stated a specific dress code, but what exactly does ‘White Tie’ mean? While not all casinos have formal dress codes, many have begun requesting that patrons dress in a certain style and you should not only adhere to these requirements out of respect for the establishment, but also your fellow gamblers.

White Tie

White Tie, also referred to as Full Evening Dress, is considered the most formal style in all of Western fashion. For women, a floor-length gown is required and long gloves are optional. For men, a black dress coat with tails and matching trousers, a white shirt with wing collars and a stiff front, shirt studs and cuff links, a white vest and white bowtie, and black shoes and socks are required.

Black Tie

Black Tie is still very formal and is only worn to events after 6pm by tradition. Women are required to wear an evening gown, cocktail dress, or a tailored pantsuit with a palazzo cut trouser, and men are required to wear a white dress shirt, black bowtie, an evening waistcoat or a cummerbund, a dinner jacket of black or midnight blue wool, black Oxford-style or patent leather shoes with black socks.

Black Tie Optional

Black Tie Optional is a popular dress code for weddings and essentially means that you can wear a tuxedo if you have one, but if you don’t and don’t want to rent one, you should just dress as formally as possible. For women a cocktail dress or a tailored pantsuit is perfectly suitable, and men can follow the Black Tie guidelines or go with a dark suit, a white dress shirt, conservative tie, and leather dress shoes. These complications can be avoided all together by enjoying real money slots instead!

Cocktail Dress for Casino EventSemiformal

Semiformal is generally the designation for events which take place during the day, and women can pick from a short afternoon or cocktail dress, a ‘little black dress’, a long smarter skirt and matching top, or smart separates, and men should wear a dark business suit, matching vest, dress shirt of a conservative colour, a plain tie, and leather dress shoes and dark socks.

Business Formal

The easiest way to describe Business Formal is the clothes you would wear to work which fit within your company’s dress code and make you look presentable. For women, a suit or business style dress is suitable and men can use the same guidelines as Semiformal, but can leave the suit jacket at home if it’s a most casual affair.

Business Casual

Often described as ‘Smart Casual’, Business Casual is the most common dress code of all. Women can wear a skirt or tailored pants with a collared shirt or neat knitted sweater, and men can get away with a seasonal sports coat, slacks, a casual button-down shirt, open-collar, or polo shirt, and loafers with socks.


While ‘casual’ can be difficult to define at the best of times, it definitely does not refer to the clothes you wear while lying on the couch at home! For women, casual items are a sun dress, smart blue jeans, a pair of neat shorts, a plain t-shirt, or button-down blouse, and men’s items include smart blue jeans, cargo or Bermuda shorts, a plain t-shirt, a casual button-down or polo shirt, and loafers.

Remember, if you’re ever unsure about what is appropriate to wear, it’s always best to ask!