Changes in Casino Dress Codes

Changes in Casino Dress Codes

If we look at films or pictures from the past that feature casinos, you’ll quickly notice a trend. Everyone is dressed to the nines, and there’s not a hair out of place, let alone a sneakered foot or a Hawaiian shirt! But over the years, we’ve got a lot more casual, and casino fashion and dress codes have changed dramatically too. These days, the usual rule of thumb is simply to dress presentably when going to a casino, not to go the whole nine yards and wear a suit or cocktail dress. Of course you can dress up, but it is no longer de riguer.

The Era of Glitz

In the 1950’s Las Vegas was a veritable playground for the rich and famous, and it attracted all the biggest stars. In this era, glitz, glam and excess were the order of the day, with the ladies dripping in jewellery, draped in furs and sparkly in sequins. The men all donned sharp suits and snazzy shirts, highly polished shoes and had slicked back hair. Camera bulbs flashed at every casino entrance and a night out gambling was one of the most desirable ways to spend time.

Swapping Glitz for Glam

By the 1980’s the glitz era had drawn to a close, and glamour was more the order of the day. Huge hair, shoulder pads, oversized blazers and skin-tight pants all made regular appearances, and many used the casino as a catwalk too. For women, power dressing was a big thing, and ladies could often been seen playing Bingo for money with bouffant hairstyles, clip on earrings and massively padded shoulders. For the men, the tighter the pants the better, the more chest hair the better and the less buttons done up on a shirt, well… you get the picture! The decade of go big or go home swept Las Vegas and casinos were treated to an eyeful.

The 90’s Decline

Grunge was big in the 1990’s and at this time we also saw a decline in casino fashion. The grunge era was the antithesis of glam, and the luxury and lavishness of past eras were done away with entirely. Dressing up to go out suddenly just wasn’t something people did, and there was a sense of rebellion across all age groups. Casinos also started to relax their dress codes, well aware of the fact that casual dressing was becoming the norm, and that the days of enforcing ties and collard shits and cocktail dresses was now long gone, and there was a very immediate need to appeal to those who had money to spend.

Casino Fashion Now

These days, just about anything goes. Of course, many people take the opportunity to dress up when going to the casino, as the association of suits, 007- inspired bow ties and sparkling dresses is very much alive in our minds, and it can be fun to splash out now and again. But as most avid casino patrons will tell you, they generally just wear what is comfortable, as dressing up is no longer a requirement.