Couple Outfits Ideas For The Casino

A visit to a casino is the perfect opportunity to go all out, and to really dress up. If you’re planning a night out at the tables soon, or will be spending some time at the slots, why not get your significant other to dress up with you, and really make a statement? These outfit ideas are just a starting point, let your imagination run wild and ensure you’re the best-dressed couple on the casino floor.

007 Inspiration

James Bond is just about the most suave, stylish gambler in history, so it’s no wonder he inspires the first couples outfit on the list. As an added perk, this style of dress is actually quite easy to pull off, and what guy doesn’t look good in a tuxedo?

For the guys, all that is needed here is the aforementioned tuxedo or black suit, and a crisp white shirt. Shiny shoes and slicked back hair will complete the picture. For the ladies, a sparkly evening gown or cocktail dress is de rigueur, and you need to think glam, glitzy and gorgeous as you dress code! Being a Bond girl means going all out, and black and red are both very suitable, signature colours for any lady who will be accompanying 007 at the tables.

Dapper Flappers

The roaring 20s were a time of excess (think the Great Gatsby). Guys can don a tux or suit, and a pair of gloves won’t go amiss here either, and neither would a pocket watch or money clip. Ladies can go for the typical fringed flapper dress and feather boa, and must remember that beading and sequins are all part of the look. As is bold make up, and a bright red lipstick!

Gangster Chic

No, we don’t mean the low-slung tracksuit pants and baggy tops that gangsters today wear. These are more suited to when you stay home and enjoy the eSports betting Australia has to offer. We’re talking about the gangsters like the infamous Bugsy Siegel who ran the Vegas gambling scene off the ground in the 1940’s. Think dark suits, slick backed hair and two-tone shoes for the guys and glitz and glamour for the ladies. Fake fur stoles, boas and sequins are a great look if you want to be a gangsters moll for the night, just remember to leave that sawn off shotgun at home!

Quick Couple Flutters

If you’re just passing the casino on the way out, you can always dress for success a little more subtly. Guys can wear a smart shirt and jeans, and girls can opt for a maxi dress and heels. If it’s cold, you can both wear a jacket, and try co-ordinate this if you can. This way, you’ll still look good together but you won’t be limited by what you’re wearing, as your outfits will be appropriate for a lot more than just a night at the casino racking up the wins.