Decoding Casino Dress Codes

When you look at casino dress codes the world over you may well start to get a bit confused about what they all mean. and what they entail. Black Tie, White Tie, Formal, Semi Formal, Semi-Casual – all the different categories of gambling fashion can get the less fashion savvy person into a bit of a tizzy.

So, to help you out and ensure you end up dressed appropriately, we’ve broken them down for you here. Of course, if you opt to play at one of the mobile casinos Canada has to offer you can wear whatever you like, so you’ll only find these dress codes in land based casinos scattered around the world.

White Tie

White tie is THE most formal of all dress codes, and it refers to the traditional evening dress of a suit for a man, and a long evening dress for a woman. If a casino is white tie it is ultra-formal, and men will need to wear a 3-piece suit and a bowtie in order to meet the code. Ball gowns and full-length evening dresses are the appropriate option for women. Think ultra-glam, ultra formal Hollywood ball or the Oscars, and you know what look to go for.

Black Tie

This is a slightly more relaxed version of white tie, but also requires men to wear a suit and tie and woman to don a rather fancy dress. A tuxedo is an option for men, or a standard suit and tie is also acceptable. For women an evening dress is suitable, as is a cocktail dress with a suitable hemline. Sequins, satin and other luxurious and flashy fabrics are also a great option for black tie too.


This is often a real stumbling block for people as it can be very vague. For some people, jeans are semi formal and for others, sneakers are! Men can get away with jeans and a jacket and shirt, or a shirt and sweater with smart pants, while women can wear anything from a cocktail dress to a smart pant suit, jeans and a pretty top or an elegant dress. Sneakers are not an acceptable footwear choice; you’ll need to wear smart shoes!

Business Casual

This is another tricky one, and it can pretty much be translated as the more formal attire you’d wear to work or to the office for a meeting. Business suits, smart pants and a jacket or a smart dress for women all suffice here.

Casual Wear

The trick to wearing casual clothing to a casino that has a casual wear dress code is that you don’t go too casual. Men should avoid vests and flip-flops and women won’t really be welcome in bikinis and cover-ups or wearing anything that looks like you just left the beach. Shorts are however perfectly acceptable, as are sneakers, and a good rule of thumb is to dress as though you are going out for a casual dinner date.