How To Choose The Right Hat For Your Casino Events

Humans have been wearing hats for countless centuries, but only in the last 100 years have they become a true fashion statement, with entire ranges of fashionable hats being sold to those that want to look their best. Casino culture often means having to dress up to the nines, and it’s important for many to always keep up with the latest fashions while attending an event. With this in mind, this is a simple guide to choosing the right kind of hat that will perfectly accent the shape of your face.

Round Faces

For anyone that has a rounder face, the right hat can make a big difference to how you look. The goal here is to try and add as much height as possible without looking silly, meaning that high-brimmed fedoras, porkpies, and trilbys are probably the best options available. It’s also important to try and avoid anything that sits over your forehead, and it can emphasize the shape of your head and make it look rounder.

Square Faces

People with square hats will want to try a totally different range of hats, specifically aiming for hats that provide a touch of softness while still being comfortable and appropriate for the occasion. Floppy hats are a good choice, such as bowler, cloches, and bucket style adornments, which will help to add some softness and roundness. Other popular options are beanies and berets, although these are much better suited for the winter months when the temperatures drop.

Oval Faces

Oval faces are the best-shaped faces for most kinds of hats, meaning that you won’t need to worry about balancing out hardness or softness, and can choose from a wider selection of headgear. There is a lot more creativity available to those that have oval-shaped faces, allowing them to pick and choose as they go along until they find something that suits them. Fedoras, berets, felt styles, and baker boys are just some of the recommendations for those with this shape of face, although the possibilities remain endless.

Rectangular Faces

Anyone with a rectangular face will want to try and focus on hats that have a shorter brim that don’t add any unnecessary height to the face, which involves choosing a style that sits flush across your forehead and keeping your appearance smaller and concise. Beanies are not the recommended choice if you have a rectangular face, and floppier styles should be the goal. A floppy hat can create width instead of height, and berets tend to be a good choice here, and it provides better sun coverage, making it easier to watch the show or use your phone to play the top Pakistani slots for real money.

Heart-Shaped Faces

Similarly to those with oval faces, people with heart-shaped faces can choose from a fairly wide selection of headwear. A good idea is to look for styles that balance wider foreheads while also providing a narrowness to the chin. Wide-brimmed styles will emphasise the triangular shape of your face, so bucket hats and cloches are a fantastic choice, along with simpler styles, such as a baseball cape for a more casual appearance.