Stylish Man: James Bond Inspired Casino Fashion at a Glance

Many when tasked with answering who the most fashionable, fictional character is would answer unequivocally – Bond, James Bond. When thinking about the epitome of a strong, confident, masculine man, images of Daniel Craig in a black turtleneck and tailored black trousers, or Sean Connery in a white dinner jacket and black tie are quickly conjured up, and many look to James Bond for fashion inspiration.

While the actor playing James Bond has changed multiple times over the years, men have always looked to James Bond for not only style inspiration, but also attitude, and if there is one thing James Bond enjoys it’s gambling. As such, taking fashion advice from the man himself is an excellent idea when it comes to casino fashion.

The Suit for a Black Tie Affair

Even before Tom Ford was in charge of suiting up 007, men have been doggedly following the inspiring and immaculately dressed M16 agent. It would not be an exaggeration for me to say that I think most men dream of having the cash, appeal, style, and confidence of James Bond, even though he isn’t a real person! For many women, there is nothing sexier than James Bond in his perfectly pressed suit, and that’s what makes him so appealing to most men.

As such, when it comes to a Black Tie casino affair, your most important style icon is without a doubt, James Bond. Also, slots have been developed on James Bond theme. If you’re going all out, consider the Goldfinger-era Sean Connery in his white dinner jacket paired with navy trousers – a look repeated only once more in the Bond movies – or go classic black ala Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. The outfit required may be why many choose gambling, but it certainly is missing the glitz and glamour of an upmarket casino affair.

The Black Turtleneck for VIP Style

Most only consider Bond as man dressed in suit and tie and it might seem that Daniel Craig was the only Bond to ever rock the neat-casual look with black turtleneck with slacks or jeans. However, this look was in fact seen far earlier on Roger Moore in Live and Let Die, and he was also seen in a navy turtleneck in The Spy Who Loved Me, a cream-coloured one in Moonraker, and a whole host of different coloured turtlenecks in For Your Eyes Only! Moore wore a record 17 different turtlenecks in his 7 appearances as Bond, which made him far more relatable.

Post Moore, it would be 13 years and 4 Bond films before Daniel Craig would sport the now classic tight-fitting N.Peal charcoal grey cashmere and silk mock turtleneck in Spectre. As such, if you’re looking for a perfect VIP casino fashion ensemble, you can’t go wrong with a well-fitting dark turtleneck or sweater paired with neat, tailored trousers.

The Polo Shirt for Casual Casino Fashion

Lastly, but certainly not least, if you’re looking for the ultimate in casual casino fashion, you simply can’t go wrong with the polo shirt. When Bond isn’t dressed to the nines you can almost certainly find him in a polo shirt and slacks, such as Sean Connery’s Bond sporting a long sleeved polo in Thunderball. However, Daniel Craig – the epitome of a rugged, sexy, and stylish Bond – seems to be the best dressed of all. British company Sunspel tailored their Italian Riviera polo shirt for Craig in Casino Royale and Tom Ford created the navy blue rayon piquet polo worn by Craig in Spectre.