Keeping Your Lucky Charms Stylish

When you’re playing you favourite casino game, there’s a lot of emphasis on good fortune as well as on skill. We all want to feel that the fickle Lady Luck is on our side, and think we can make that happen by performing certain rituals or holding onto particular lucky charms.

The jury is still out on whether or not there are cosmic forces playing a hand in our fates in a casino, but we do know that if people believe they are lucky they tend to perform better. Even astronauts take advantage of this placebo effect, eating peanuts before every launch.

Since there are no harmful effects in trying to harness a little luck and there may be some serious benefits, it seems like a no-brainer to try and do just that. However, wearing your lucky socks or carrying a horseshoe is not exactly going to win you any style awards. That’s why we’ve put together some advice on how to boost your luck and your sophisticated look at the same time.

Jewellery and Smartphones

A lot of different trinkets are used as lucky charms, including frogs, horseshoes and four-leaf-clovers. Most of them are considered to be good fortune in several different cultures; Native Americans and the Chinese, for example, both believe in the luck of frogs. If you use these charms, in theory, your prosperity is thus guaranteed from several angles.

However, your level of stylishness is not. Who wants to walk into an elegant casino carrying a massive iron horseshoe? Happily, that will not be necessary thanks to the numerous phone charms and wallpapers, as well as gorgeous jewellery that you can buy today.

All you need to do is hop online and search for the wallpaper or wearables that use the charms you identify with the most. A tiny silver horseshoe or bejewelled clover is a much more appealing option, and you’ll feel more stylish as soon as you put it on. Whether you’re looking to experience the thills of casino or in a land-based establishment, the gorgeous images and lovely trinkets will only enhance the experience.

Reinterpret Lucky Clothes

A rabbit’s foot is thought to be lucky because the animals were originally believed to signify good harvests and, by extension, fertility. That’s fair enough, but there’s no way the foot of a leporid (to use the technical term) is going to go with your little black dress when you want to hit the tables or the slot machines.

A rabbit fur coat, however, is another story. If you don’t want to wear the real thing, look for one that uses faux fur and creates the same luxurious effect. Lucky articles of clothing such as sweaters or socks will inevitably clash with what you’re wearing, but if you get a little creative you should be able to keep their magic with you. For instance, you could cut out a small piece of the garment and sew it to the inside hem of your dress. Nobody but you will know about it – which somehow makes it even more special.