The Origins Of Casino Fashion

The Origins Of Casino Fashion

Even though casinos mean many things to many people and in general casinos have been given quiet a seedy light by movie and media, most people would picture sharply dressed patrons when they think of a casino. Neat shirts, suits and ladies dressed lavishly are all images we hold in our heads when we picture a gambling establishment.

But where does this image come from. In real life land based casinos host a whole menagerie of different dress styles and fashion. It could be due to the intrinsic idea that casinos are associated with money and wealth, or it could be a hangover from when casinos were the playgrounds of the nobility, the rich and the famous.

A Noble Start

Back in the early days of gambling history, the term casa, which would become the root of the term Casino, was used to refer to a house or building where social gathering occurred.  There were no formal casino brands or businesses, so nobles would simply go to certain people’s houses to go take part in games of chance with real money stakes. Rather different to how we enjoy the sports betting NZ has to offer today.

Soon the term Casa developed into Casino, but shortly thereafter casinos were banned as local governments saw that these casa’s were bankrupting the nobility. That said it is clearly that even since its heyday, casinos were filled with sharply dressed people.

The Rough And Tumble Approach

So even in the origins of the casino, we see that it was mostly the playground of the rich and well to do. Well they were rich and well to do at least until they lost all their money. In America you could argue it was the opposite. Here the casa’s became known as saloons.

Half bar, half gambling den, these venues developed a seedy reputation amongst non gamblers, when in fact they held travellers from all across America who would share ideas, sign business deals and more in these gambling establishments. Many if not all of them were run very well, offering safe and fair gambling for the populace. Here however the dress codes varied.

Many establishments were populated with cowpokes, down on their luck cowboys, day labourers and other people who should not be using their money to gamble. That said they also had the rich land and cattle owners who would participate in gambling. These well to do individuals usually kept to riverboat gambling where high stakes tournaments could ask massive buy-ins, which would keep the riff raff out.

Modern Aesthetics

Come to the modern casino age we have figures like Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra’s who also became synonymous with Las Vegas. They were always well dressed when they were performing a gig or playing some table games.

The media image at the time showed well-dressed people enjoying their gaming. The advent of the television and popular print media exploded the image of the casino as a place where you dressed well and play nice. This classy image has remained with casinos ever since and inspired endless party ideas.