Let’s Have a Look at Wearing Eyewear During Poker Gaming

Eyewear in Poker Games

If you’ve ever heard the saying; the eyes are the windows to the soul that never lie, then you will understand the need for eyewear in poker games. It’s a relatively new sensation gripping poker players in casinos across the globe.

Even though wearing eyewear during poker tournaments has been common practice for the greater part of the game’s history, avid casino goers never quite caught up on the hype, until now.

Reading the Game

Poker is unlike other table games in casinos, players play more than just the game on the table they ultimately play each other. Poker is an intense game of habit and only players that are well versed in the art of reading people will adapt to poker more speedily.

Players opting for poker need to remain anonymous to the other players around the table, remaining anonymous in poker ensures that you do not give away any telltale signs about your hand.

This single, straightforward rule has long been the end all is all poker equation. Players go to great lengths to obtain a certain identity around the poker table, and wearing glasses during a poker event has always been one of the most opted for accessories to complement any playing style.

The Online Space Serves Anonymity

Yes, it is true, online play allow for the kind of anonymity most poker players seek. When you decides to play online you are not a face, or a set of actions that can be read, instead every online player is but a presence with a name.

This presence preserves a player’s anonymity but presents little to no challenge. Playing poker around a table in a real, land-based casino, with other players who can be physically observed is the most thrilling part of the game.

The rush that comes from reading an opponent and then going on to winning the hand is exactly what poker players are at the table for, and this is one of the reasons wearing eyewear during poker games has become so popularized.

The Psychology Behind the Lens

Poker is a casino game that is riddled with psychology, you need to read the smallest gestures an opponent makes and associate that gesture to what and how your opponent may be feeling.

Somewhere in the midst of all these triggered dynamics, players attempt to hide their own give away signs, all whilst attempting to seek out an opponent’s weak spots.

Players who wear shades during a poker game may do so for one of two reasons. Wearing glasses during a poker match may hide or mask easy psychological triggers that allow fellow players to read your style of play. Or players may simply wear glasses during poker to intimate the other players at the table, making them more susceptible to slipping up during the game.

Optimal Optics

Players familiar with a poker lounge will already know that poker rooms are usually dimmed down and often considered a less light intensive space. New players just starting poker should consider this fact when selecting the best glasses for poker games.

You need to select eyewear that will hide your eye movements effectively, whilst allowing enough light into your immediate surroundings. One of the trickiest aspects to a long-haul poker game in ambient light is how easy it can be to confuse suits and suites. Always choose glasses that are comfortable and light, so as not to drain your eyes and your potential winnings.

If you’re just looking for a cool poker accessory, and you can’t be bothered with the psychology of play, then perhaps it’s time to consider a pair of glasses that you wouldn’t be caught dead with. Even though poker games are serious sit-down games between gentlemen. There is of course one vital component to any poker game, fun.