Rolling From High To Low

Rolling From High To Low

Way back when, the only way to dress up for a casino was the full body kit, making you look like Daniel Craig before his near-death experience in Casino Royale. Sleek, sexy and bold with a touch of timelessness echoed in your manicured bow tie that made a statement about your underlying quirky character.

Today, we slam a couple of bucks on the bar, whistle at the bartender and flash our notes about like we intended to spend it all in one go. Out of touch and out of class, the beasts have bombarded casinos with the new age fashion that has been rendered natural by the society in which we continue to spawn.

The golden age of fashion in casinos and even when horse racing betting in Australia at the tote saw elegant attire where men wore suites and ladies graced the room with a presence of undeniable beauty that could not even be photographed appropriately. Today we fall to a global standard where the world accepts sloth like behaviour in tranquil and glamorous establishments alike.

The Blind Leading The Blind

In an attempt by Generation Y to boldly revolt against society, we now have a fashion movement that has swept across the globe, resulting in morons who all blindly follow a cause with no clear identity. I think what we have is a group of individuals suffering from an identity crisis.

Let me explain the hipster. The hipster tries to be different, opposing conventional norms and constraints of society with vintage thrift shop clothing and grandmas knitted beanie. The hipster boldly exclaims that he or she is different and defies convention with each thread. This is the furthest thing from the truth.

The hipster has been blinded by the lies and deceptions of the hipster. Truth be told all hipsters look the same and they blindly follow a movement that forces an overall identity, just like the initial identity they opposed. So where is the individuality? Well, the hipster certainly isn’t an individual, it’s a form of prorogation that has led to a new conformity.

The Naturalization Effect

Much like the hipster we are led to believe that who and what we perceive as successful sets the standard for our own success. So, when the latest app developer worth a fortune in bitcoin and hard cash take to the stage in sweats, the world starts following suit and embraces the sweats as a norm and identifies with that norm, to justify the new style. This is known as the naturalization effect, bringing with it the new era of sloth in upper class establishments, like the casino.

The Casino Sloth

High roller fashion has changed, the high rollers know they will be treated extremely well if they keep laying the stacks of cash down. In today’s era, it’s not about what you wear but about how much you spend. This has led to the consequence of the new age high roller, geared in slops, shorts and a t shirt with a couple of holes lining the neck.

Casino high roller fashion was once all about how you dressed. No respecting high roller would have been caught dead without a full suit and accompanying tie or bow tie. The traditional high roller has died a slow and painful, fashion sense death.

Stay Classy

Avert the sloth like appearance and stay classy. Stick to formal wear and tune into the golden age of casino fashion through an unquestioned dress sense that will set you apart from the sloths.

Be formal, be you and most of all be confident in the way you look. True high roller fashion comes from within, which is easy to pull off when you’re rocking a suit.