What NOT To Wear To A Casino

What NOT To Wear To A Casino

We can give you plenty of great outfit ideas and tell you what to wear to a casino, but something you don’t often get told about is what NOT to wear. Of course, some casinos are more casual or dressy than others, so you should always check the dress code first. The Grand Casino in Monte Carlo requires something far more formal than most Vegas casinos, and casinos in Macau also have stricter policies than most.

Lets take a look then at what you should never consider wearing when you go to a casino anywhere in the world!

Anything Offensive

These days we see quite a lot of t-shirts and caps with offensive slogans and rude words on them, and while they may be fun they are most definitely not what you want to wear to a casino. You don’t want to cause offence, and swearing at someone who might be dealing your cards or spinning the Roulette wheel at your table isn’t going to put you in a good light.

Similarly, steer clear of anything sexist, derogatory, racist or similarly offensive – a casino is a place for fun not one where you get to make fun of other people and make them uncomfortable.


You may be at a resort, but pitching up to play the slots in a bikini or standing at the tables in board shorts isn’t going to fly. If you want to play while wearing beach or poolside attire rather stick to the online bingo Australia has to offer. Most casinos won’t let you in, and if they do, you are sure to make other players a little uneasy- unless of course this is the dress code of choice!

Overly Warm Clothes

This may sound silly, but most casinos are properly heated and you don’t want to sit sweltering in a thick coat, jersey and pants when it is rather temperate. Plus, no one really wants to play next to someone sweaty, so if it is cold outside, rather wear layers that you can discard than overheating!

Outfits that are Too Revealing

We’re not talking about sexy dresses and low cut tops, we’re talking about see-through tops with no bras, dresses that make for a few too many wardrobe malfunctions and outfits that are attention seeking in all the wrong ways. You can dress up as much as you like, in fact that’s encouraged, but if you are flashing people all over the show you are not only distracting players, you might get thrown out for indecent exposure!


If you wear gloves in a casino you may be treated with a bit more suspicion than you’d like. The risk with gloves is that you hide a card or two in them, and then use them to your advantage when playing Blackjack or Poker. If you keep your gloves on inside you may find that you suddenly have a few new friends with earpieces watching your every move- so rather ditch the gloves and you’ll ditch the security too!