The Ugliest Running Trainers Of All Time

Yes, there is something to be said for looking good while you’re training. On the other hand, any self-respecting athlete wont dress to impress, but will rather focus on overall comfort. Good advice, but then there is also something to be said for not looking hideous while you’re working out.

Here are some real athletics sneakers that were actually released by major companies. Most aren’t for sale anymore, which is probably a good thing.

Reebok Preacher

The Reebok Preachers, released in 1996, are a bit of a conundrum. They certainly aren’t pretty to look at, but are also apparently an incredibly good pair of shoes. Shaquille O’Neal wore them to the Atlanta Olympics, and lest it be forgotten the so called Dream Team won a gold.

So as far as practicality goes, the Preachers deliver in spades. Though, just looking at them is enough to raise the eyebrow of even the most forgiving fashion critic.

Adidas Kobe 2

While the Preachers at least resemble footwear fit for sports, the Kobe 2s truly are some sort of bizarre anomaly. Word is that Kobe himself was heavily involved in the look of these monstrosities, perhaps revealing that design is best left to those qualified for the job.

The Kobe 2s failed badly on release in 2001, which certainly isn’t surprising. They will be remembered, however, even if just as the ugliest pair of shoes to have ever been pushed by a globally recognised brand.

Starbury 1

The Starbury brand is difficult to criticise, given that it was founded on an extremely noble premise. Stephon Marbury aimed to provide quality shoes to underprivileged, aspiring athletes, thereby creating Starbury. The Starbury 1s, the first release under the brand, are just $15. It’s certainly admirable that the quality sneakers are so cheap. On the other hand, they’re also extremely gaudy, leaning into downright ugly.

Anyone wearing Starbury 1s will likely decide to stay home and check out online cricket betting on their phone instead. Lest they be seen in public in these neon coloured fashion disasters.

Reebok Answer 9

Let’s just be clear; Reebok is an exceptional company that has produced outstanding athletics sneakers. But, back in 2006, Reebok designers really did go into the realm of insanity. Just looking at a pair of Answer 9s will probably evoke images of a comedic science fiction film. These are the shoes worn by an over the top sports team in the future, right?

No, the Answer 9s really were meant to be worn by serious athletes, despite the fact they actually had a dial built into the side. In case you’re wondering, no, the dial doesn’t actually do anything.

Nike LeBron V

Last but not least we have the LeBron Vs. Of all the shoes on this least nothing comes close to the insane gaudiness of these outlandish monstrosities. Clearly they weren’t ever meant to be worn by serious athletes, but even as fashion statements they are unacceptable. Neon finishes, actual buckles, and white soles simply don’t go together. Perhaps they’re meant exclusively for display purposes.