Dressing-Up Your Rugby Jersey for Any Setting

Rugby Jersey Clothes for the Stadium

Some style gurus might have you believing otherwise, but if you dress up your rugby jersey correctly it can be stylish and sexy for both ladies and gentlemen! We take pride in advising our readers on all things fashionable related to sports and we throw in some handy sports betting tips and tricks for good measure. Today we discuss how you can dress up your jersey whether you’re going to a relaxed or fancy get-together, watching in the stadium stands, or living it up in a private box.

Rugby Jersey Attire for a Get-Together

Before deciding how best to dress your rugby jersey up for watching the match at a friend’s place, consider the following: does this friend generally host flashy parties? Is it going to take place in a relaxed, possibly outdoor, BBQ type scenario?


  • If you’re expecting a more relaxed and laidback atmosphere, beer in hand, watching on a big screen while the BBQ is laden with red meat, make sure to pair your rugby jersey with a comfortable pair of sneakers or flops and shorts or cargo pants.
  • If your friend generally throws flashy parties, be sure to pair your freshly laundered rugby jersey with tailored pants or jeans, and a pair of smart sneakers.


  • If your friend generally hosts more informal gatherings with bowls of crisps, snacks, pizzas, and beer in plastic cups, make sure to pair your rugby jersey with natural make-up, a pair of jeans with trainers or sandals, and a neat slicked-back pony. You’ll be comfortable but not overdressed.
  • If your friend is more prone to glitzy champagne and canape type gatherings, be sure to pair your rugby jersey with a pretty pump or heels, a tailored skirt or pants, full make-up, styled hair and some nice jewellery to compliment the whole look.

Rugby Jersey Attire for the Stadium

One of the greatest experiences you can have as a rugby fan is getting to experience a live game at the stadium, and if you’re a sports betting fanatic, the excitement is ramped up even further. During super rugby season, a few days before heading to the stadium, be sure to check the super rugby betting odds and find a wager you’re keen on. When planning your outfit consider whether you’ll be in the stadium stands or in a private box.


  • If you’re going to be in the stands, make sure to dress weather appropriately and take an umbrella and raincoat, or a hat, sunglasses and sunblock if necessary, as well as comfortable shoes and pants or shorts. Face-paint and funny signs or banners are always encouraged!
  • If you’re enjoying the match in a private box, be sure to wear a pair of smart tailored pants or jeans, and pair this look with your favourite watch, styled hair, and smart shoes.


  • Feel free to customize your look if you’ll be in the stands as you want to be sure to grab the attention of other fans and the cameras! Wigs, face-paint, and a little bit of sexy goes a long way! Remember to dress comfortable and weather appropriately as well.
  • If you’re in a private box at the stadium, be sure to dress to impress! Have your hair and nails done, pair your rugby jersey with a pair of smart pants or a pencil skirt and heels or pretty pump, and be sure to wear eye-catching make-up.