Best Golfing Attire and Etiquette for Women

Best Golfing Attire and Etiquette for Women


If you’re an infrequent or new golfer you may be concerned regarding the proper golfing attire and etiquette, but the good news is that not all courses are strict regarding dress code. If you’re playing a local or municipal course, you will most likely be permitted to wear whatever seems appropriate and comfortable, but private, semi-private, and resort style golf courses have a lot more guidelines in place. You will be required to wear what is considered proper golfing attire and even though these requirements may vary slightly from course to course, most golfing dress codes are fairly standard. As such, here’s our guide for the best golfing attire and etiquette for women.


Most courses require women to wear sleeveless collared blouses or blouses with sleeves, but the most popular choice amongst female golfers is generally the polo-style shirt. Polo-style shirts come in a huge variety of colours and styles such as V-neck, zip-top, and button down, and are available with long and short sleeves. Apart from plain colours, you may find polo-style shirts in an array of patterns such as florals and stripes. Be advised that t-shirts, halter tops, and tank tops are inappropriate to wear on the golf course.

Sweaters and Jackets

Layered dressing is a common occurrence amongst golfers as you may be on the course for quite some time and the location of the golf course may be known for temperamental weather conditions. Wearing a turtleneck or polo-shirt with a vest or sweater is a good option for cooler weather, and a collared button-down shirt, light jacket, or wind shirt is also an appropriate option. What is not appropriate however is sweatshirts, ‘hoodies’, and denim jackets – save these for playing real online pokies!


Slacks are most commonly worn by women on the golf course during spring and early autumn, and shorter slacks such as crops, capris, or shorts are perfectly appropriate for warmer days. However, it must be noted that shorter pants should be knee-length or longer, as anything shorter would be wholly inappropriate. In other words, no short-shorts! Another popular choice is the ‘skort’ which is a combination of shorts and a skirt, and golf dresses. However, please note that jeans, sundresses, and athletic wear such as sweats and yoga pants are all consider inappropriate.

Caps and Visors

If you’re playing golf on a particularly warm day it’s imperative that you protect your skin with sunblock and wear a cap or visor to protect your head and keep the sun out of your eyes. Designer caps are a popular choice, but straw hats, crocheted caps, and glitzy hats are also entirely acceptable. Sunglasses are also a good choice for sunny days and remember to stay hydrated with plenty of water and energy drinks. For poor weather conditions, a waterproof hat or umbrella is a good idea.

Socks and Shoes

Golf shoes are required on almost all golf courses and most courses require your shoes to be non-metal or soft spiked. Sock design isn’t too important if you’re wearing slacks, but if you’ve opted for shorter pants, a skort, or golf dress, the best option for socks are low or no-show socks. If the course is particularly fastidious, it’s advised that you wear crew socks in socks that match the slacks worn.