Best Golfing Attire for Gents and Ladies

Golfing Attire

Golf is a game that has a certain decorum and practice about how it is played, whether we are playing it ourselves or placing golfing bets, there are many forms of etiquette that accompany the game of golf from the way that players walk on the course right down to the clothes that they wear. Golf has a specific dress code and any person that is looking to take part in not only playing but also watching golf will find that this dress code is pretty standard throughout the game and across any continent.

What is the attire?

If we were to find a single word for golf clothing, we would use the word “modesty”. This is due to the fact that golf is a sport that is known for having very modest outfits throughout the lifespan of the game. This is often times set by the golf course that is being played at, and whilst every golf course does have a different version of their dress codes, the basics remain the same. This is so that the courses can maintain the integrity of the game and follow traditions that make golf so exciting to the everyday golf player.

What to wear?

Typically, mens and women’s golf apparel will not differ in to many aspects, they both follow the same outline of modesty as well as style when it comes to playing on any course. A traditional outfit for mens golf would be that they wear slack pants that are well fitted, with a belt to keep them in place, their shirts are what are commonly referred to as golf shirts are traditionally cotton shirts that have a color and are often times either one or two colors. For women, this differs slightly as any female golfer can have the choice of wearing a modest skirt instead of slacks, and their shirts are not traditionally collared although more and more female players are starting to wear the collared shirts.

The shoes

Golf ClothingThis is of the utmost importance as the shoes that are used to play golf are very specific. Traditionally, these shoes are one color and have a special sole that allows players to walk the greens without causing damage to the course. Golf shoes are extremely important for any golf attire and this is one of the strictest rules enforced by almost all golf courses globally.

Hats and accessories

Hats are often worn by both male and female players and this is almost always a good idea for any golfer. The hats do however also follow a standard of modesty and are usually well fitted and small on the players heads. This is not only part of the golfing style guide but also to enable the players the best possible way to play their strokes without obstructing their vision. Other accessories often include gloves or rain jackets. These are used for any player to enhance their gameplay and also follow the modesty guidelines. Any player that makes use of these tips for golfing fashion will be able to play on any course around the world.