Golf Shoe Style Versus Functionality

Golf Shoe Styles

When it comes to hitting the golf greens, there is an enormous wardrobe of stylish clothing to choose from. Both male and female golfers have a wide variety to browse, much of which is created by notable top designers. The selection is so vast that it is almost a case of being spoilt for choice. Everything from casual to professional golf outfits is available, so it’s really just a matter of deciding what suits you best.

But, let’s never forget that shoes are an essential part of any outfit, and as far as golf shoes are concerned, there are a few confusing facts to keep in mind. After all, shouldn’t golf shoes be about functionality, more than style? And on that point, are professionally studded gold shoes even absolutely essential, as far as playing golf is concerned? It just so happens that there are a few misconceptions about golf shoes.

Are Golf Shoes Required?

Ask our average casual golfer if specialised golf shoes are required on the green, and chances are they will say yes, without missing a beat. Tiger Woods wears them after all. But it just so happens that virtually no golf courses require that golfers wear professional golf shoes. In fact, there are only a few in the world, and such courses are so exclusive and private that it is hardly even worth taking notice.

The vast majority of golf courses will allow you to wear just about whatever you want in the shoe department, as long as the sole of the shoe does not damage the course. So, best write off any notions you had of wearing ground puncturing high heel stilettos. Tennis shoes are allowed, casual lace-ups, or whatever else you have in the cupboard, that will be comfortable during your golfing session. In other words; as far as style goes, you can really wear just about whatever you feel like, there are no set in stone restrictions. Of course, a person with any sense will dress with playing golf in mind, and select easy fitting, breezy clothing. Pitch up dressed like they are set for an evening of online blackjack, Canada style, will likely just result in radially overheating.

Stylish Golf Shoes

But, just because golf shoes are not required, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have their advantages. Golf swings put a lot of pressure on the legs and feet, and having a firm footing is certainly a major advantage. Shoes that neglect traction can negatively impact a golf swing, which is not ideal. So, there certainly isn’t anything wring with investing in a good pair of studded golf shoes.

And, if you think golf shoes are still limited in style and design to the professional shoes of the old days, you may be pleasantly surprised. Professional golf shoes have come a long way as far as being stylish is concerned, so it may well be worth your time to have a browse of what’s currently available. There are a number of websites that specialise in golf clothing, so have a surf around and see if anything would fit into your golfing wardrobe.