How To Enjoy Golfing In Cold Weather

Enjoying Golf In Cold Weather

Golf is one of those games that is almost exclusively played in the outdoors, and while this has always been a part of the game’s appeal for many, it also means that players are subject to the whims of the weather. Every golfer dreams of spending their afternoon playing the course in warm, sunny weather, but sometimes this simply isn’t the case. Playing in the cold is what many golfers have no choice but to face, but luckily there are some ways to make this a little bit better.

Whether it’s just really cold weather, or a mixture of cold and rain, the best thing a golfer can do is be equipped for every occasion. Fortunately, there are plenty of golfing gear companies around the world that has foreseen this problem, which also means there’s quite a lot of options available for the brave golfer that doesn’t mind the colder weather. So rather than staying at home watching American football or browsing Australian betting sites, get hold of some of this gear and enjoy the game while staying warm and dry.

  1. Thermal Socks

Our extremities tend to get colder faster than any other part of our body, and it’s important to keep these warm, especially when we’re playing a game like golf. There are plenty of options out there, but a pair of good quality thermal socks is an absolute must for any avid golfer. Socks are just the first step, and getting hold of a pair of water-resistant thermal pants is the next step, but make sure they have the right texture finish to allow for maximum movement and comfort.

  1. Hand Warmers

While a lot of golfers prefer to take their swings while wearing gloves, these gloves are generally not designed for rainy weather. This can quickly render a golfer’s hands cold, making the next swing impossible to make. To remedy this, a good hand warmer is recommended. These come in the form of small pads that warm up when exposed to air, and can keep hands warm for hours at a time.

  1. Buggy Warmer and Enclosure

Riding along in a golf buggy while it’s raining not only makes everything wet, but is also a way of making our body temperature plummet quickly. To get around this, a buggy enclosure is necessary, which is made of water-resistant fabric designed to fit around the entire card while giving the driver and passengers full view through the transparent plastic sheeting. Along with this, a portable heater is a good choice, as well as a propane cup-holder to keep drinks warm.

  1. Underclothing

While rather new on the market, underclothing is something that has changed cold-weather sports in a lot of ways. Usually composed of next-gen materials designed to keep our bodies as warm as possible, these pieces of cold weather clothing are perfect for the golfer who’s out in more extreme climates.

  1. Hydration

One of the dangers of cold weather for sports-goes is the problem of dehydration, which is often not noticed at all due to the cold weather. This is why a cold weather golfer should always keep some sort of rehydration solution with them at all times. Water is an okay choice, but something that replenishes electrolytes is much more important.