What Are The Latest Trends In Golfing Attire?

Fashion isn’t just limited to the runway, it’s also a part of golf courses. Revamp your wardrobe and game with the latest styles featuring bold prints, golf dresses, fashion-forward shoes, and braided belts. Here are some of our top sports fashion picks for golfers.

Prints on Golf Shirts, Shorts, Clothes Are Back

Micro prints featuring exotic elements like pineapples, birds, and shapes, as well as traditional prints like dots, are a popular trend in golf shirts this year. This departure from the usual plain or striped designs adds a stylish touch to golf clothing.

Golf Dresses

Stay cool, dry, and comfortable on and off the golf course with the functional and fashionable trend. The Nike golf dress for women is a great alternative to traditional skirts and tops, providing sweat-fighting and moisture-wicking material for a sleek and stylish appearance.

Black Golf Slacks

One of the most classic looks in golf is the sleek black golf slacks.  While this look is often seen more on the PGA Tour than at your local golf course as most amateur golfers choose to wear shorts for the comfort factor, but this is a look that will always be around no matter what year it is. It’s a staple in the golf world and new golf apparel companies offer more modern takes on this classic look to add more comfort and lightness.

Golf Shoes Are More Fashionable

No longer do golf shoes have to look like traditional golf shoes. Instead, this golf season, you can find golf shoes that resemble fashionable shoes you might wear to a dinner party. ECCO is one brand that offers trendy and stylish golf shoes. For instance, consider a golf shoe that looks almost like a regular shoe.

Braided Belts

Braided belts are the perfect accessory for men to complete their look and are a top fashion trend. Moreover, the forgiving material of braided belts provides stretch and enables golfers to enhance their range of motion, resulting in an improved swing.


When getting ready for a leisurely day of sports, half the enjoyment comes from choosing the right accessories. Golf offers ample opportunities to add playful elements to your outfit, starting with the blade putter cover from Random Golf Club that features an embroidered monogram.

Other golf-specific items such as gloves, club bags, and caddie towels can also contribute to creating a stylish look. Additionally, selecting general outdoor apparel like a printed bucket hat or clean white sneakers can complete the ensemble if you’d rather spend your money on multi-purpose clothes so you have more of a budget for horse racing betting.

White Golf Glove

The golf glove is an essential accessory for any golfer as it provides a secure grip on the club and prevents blisters from forming on the hands. Opting for the classic white look is the best choice for any golf glove as it pairs seamlessly with any golf outfit. The white golf glove is the norm on the course, and therefore, it’s what people expect to see. When you deviate from the classic golf glove look, you start to draw attention to your attire.