What Clothes To Wear For Hot Weather

There are few things better than heading out on a clear, sunny day, and spending an afternoon on the course with some friends. It’s easy, however, to underestimate just how quickly the weather is able to turn, and what might seem like a relatively cool day in the morning, might turn into a hot and humid afternoon. And wearing the wrong kind of clothing in this situation may mean having to give up on spending any more time golfing, and instead being forced to head back home before suffering from something serious like sunstroke.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to mitigate the heat while on the course, and few of these are better than a change of clothing designed for dealing with hotter weather.


Cotton may seem like the obvious choice for most scenarios: it’s generally quite breathable and comfortable, but cotton is also excellent at insulating heat, which can lead to the body overheating and the golfing sweating more than they may be comfortable with. The best two ways to avoid this are either finding a cotton shirt made from a particular kind of yarn that’s better at absorbing sweat, or to wear a shirt made from a much lighter material, such as polyester.


This can be a point of contention depending on the specific guidelines set out at a particular club, as all maintain different rules. If allowed, it’s often better to head out on to the course wearing a pair of shorts, which are always better to wear on a hot day. If this isn’t possible, instead opt for long pants that are made from a thin fabric, but also ones that are a lighter colour, such as tan or white. Lighter colours are better at keeping the body nice and cool, even if the ambient temperatures continue to rise throughout the day.

Head Protection

A hat is always a must in a golfer’s collection of clothing, and it’s vital that they always have access to a hat that can offer full protection from the sun without causing the heat to deal with too much heat. Caps are an excellent choice for this, as they can protect a person’s face from the sun while allowing air to still circulate around the head, also making it easier to check out a smartphone screen, whether for messaging or a quick game of real money pokies. Another good choice is a dedicated sun hat, although these can become bothersome to wear as they can irritate the ears. Whatever the case, a golfer should never go on to the course without a hat to wear.


With socks and shoes on, our feet are prone to overheating, which can cause the rest of our body to suffer, too. Wearing light, well aerated shoes which are comfortable to wear for long periods of time can make a big difference over the course of a day as it gets hotter.

Being out under the blazing sun should not be a problem for a golfer provided the wear the right clothing and stay hydrated as much as they possibly can.