Choosing the Perfect Hat for the Races

The perfect hat is meant to compliment and complete your race day outfit and while many ladies opt for outlandish pieces, if chosen correctly it won’t detract from your outfit. However, if you’re not particularly familiar with millinery, choosing a hat can be daunting process. If you’re worried that you’re going to make a spectacular of yourself, rather than turn fellow racegoers green with envy, follow our simple guidelines to choosing the perfect headpiece.

Make Sure of the Race Day Etiquette

Depending on the racing event you’ll be attending, different races have different levels of formality, so be sure to do your research beforehand so that you’re not overdressed or underdressed. Here are a few simple guidelines to assist you and your partner for the event:

  • Men’s top hats should be carried under the arm if morning suits are being worn.
  • Ladies hats are traditionally worn down to the right and up to the left. As such most small hats will be worn on the right side of the head.
  • It is generally more flattering to have the parting of your hair hidden beneath your hat.
  • If you’ve chosen a bold print or lace dress for the occasion, you should avoid wearing a hate with an elaborate trim.
  • If you want your hat to be the focus of your look, be sure to wear a simple outfit.
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  • You should always avoid matching the colour scheme of your hat, bag, and shoes as it will cut your silhouette in too many places.
  • Make sure that your hat is comfortable and properly secured so that you won’t have to readjust it during the occasion.

Your Face Shape Dictates the Style

The most important guideline for selecting the perfect hat is to choose something that works for your face shape and proportion.

  • Wide face: narrow crowns can be unflattering unless the shape of the hat is balanced out by a trim that offers softness and width.
  • Petite face: avoid being overpowered by a large, heavy-looking crown.

Brim width is dictated by height, as well as shoulder width and proportion.

  • The taller you are, the wider the brim that can be worn.
  • Subtle things could change the required proportions, so for example if you have a larger frame, choosing a wide fabric edge on a brim can provide the balance that your outfit may need.

Securing Your Hat

The most common way to secure your hat is with the use of a hat elastic and comb.

  • Place your hat in the desired position and put the elastic beneath your hair.
  • Wiggle the elastic as close to the scalp as possible and then smooth your hair over it using a hairbrush or comb.
  • When positing your hat comb, lift your hat gently and move it back slightly so that the teeth of the comb grip in the right place as you move your hat forward into the correct position.

Note: choose a hat that makes your feel confident and comfortable as a hat should only ever be worn for pleasure.