3 Hot Fashion Tips for a First-Time Race-Goer

Fashion at Horse Races

There is nothing worse than arriving at an event or party and suddenly experiencing the overwhelming feeling that comes with being under or overdressed. While all of us may have experienced this at some point in our lives, this certainly isn’t the desired experience when going to an event like the races.

Fortunately, I’ve put together a list of 3 tips to make sure that you avoid the embarrassment of arriving at a horse racing event underprepared, and with cheeks a deeper shade of red than the ‘Fly Emirates’ signs that can be seen at just about every one of them.

  1. Your Hat Isn’t Everything

With men, a day at the races is fairly simple. Their main concern at an event like the Geelong Cup is the Geelong Cup betting. Regardless of the race they attend, men are basically required to wear a snazzy suit and add their contribution to the extravagance with some bright, bold colours. Women, on the other hand, have accessories, styles and sizes to worry about.

Well ladies, I’m here to make your day. In spite of the fact a piece of headgear has become known as a mandatory accessory, it’s not of utmost importance. In fact, unless you are actually attending the Royal Ascot there is no need to spend an exuberant amount of money on a hat.

Don’t get me wrong, I jump at just about any opportunity to wear an amazing and undeniably oversized hat, or at least one with some kind of veil that looks as though it has been put together by the mice in Cinderella, but if it’s not your style then you really shouldn’t feel obliged to wear one.

  1. Wear A Good Watch That Actually Works

Fashion at the races is not something to take lightly if you’re a horse racing newbie, and while I understand that sometimes a broken watch needs to be worn purely to bring an outfit together, race day is not a day to mess around with losing track of time.

Champagne at Horse Races

Come race day, you’re going to find that time starts to speed up about half an hour into getting ready, meaning you’re going to be rushing to get ready, rushing to make it to the track and then rushing to place your bets before the races begin.

Also bear in mind that at these events, seeing champagne is about as common as seeing a horse, which has the ability to misplace time entirely, and you’re not going to want to keep pulling your phone out to check the time.

  1. Eat, Drink, Bet and be Festive

You can mix up the order here if you like, but just make sure you include the 4 things listed above in your day at the races, because without them you’re going to battle with the numerous friends offering you drinks, the temptation to try incredibly good food and the feeling that you could win after someone tells you they have found a sure bet.

The most important thing to remember, however, is to ensure that you have a great time, and, looking fabulous while you do certainly won’t hurt.