Sophisticated Horse Race Day Outfit Etiquette

Horse Race Day Outfits

While hitting the racetrack throughout the year for small races certainly doesn’t require much fuss, but when it’s time for the Melbourne Cup, the Karaka Million, or the Canadian Triple Crown, it’s time to turn heads! However, the idea of dressing to impress can be overwhelming for many ladies, so we’ve put together this style guide to ensure that you turn heads – but only in the best way possible!

Dressing to Impress in the Daytime

The most important tip we can offer is to remember that it’s the daytime, so dress appropriately and stick to etiquette. Think classy, sophisticated and head-to-toe style to create a complete look.


  • Wear well-cut dresses that fall to the knee or a modern take on the classic suit.
  • Bring a jacket or pashmina to cover up when the sun begins to set.
  • Style advice – if you opt for a revealing neckline, make sure that your hemline falls below the knee.


  • Dress like you’re heading to a nightclub – leave the exposed midriffs, mini-skirts and sequins at home.
  • Be heavy-handed with the make-up. You will be outside and the natural light with expose any excess application – think natural.

Fabulous Fashion for All Seasons

Spring and summer: embrace bold colours, patterns and florals. Wedges, open-toed shoes and pumps are appropriate, as are hats and fascinators which embrace the fun of the season.

Autumn and winter: the perfect time for tailored suits and structural felt hats or headpieces in muted colours such as black, tan, grey and aubergine. Closed-toe shoes and boots with stockings will be most appropriate.

  • Style advice – black and white are always in fashion.

Headwear and Accessories to Wow

If you’ve attending one of the seasons major races, you won’t like come across much harness racing, and it’s for this precise reason that many punters rely on online harness racing betting outlets to enjoy the best of harness betting. However, if you want to have all eyes on you, instead of the races, do follow these tips for headwear and accessories!

  • During carnival times and big race days you should always wear a headpiece of some kind, whether it’s a hat or a fascinator. Consider the season and choose something appropriate.
  • Take your outfit along with you when choosing a headpiece to make it easier to match the tones, textures and colours.
  • Complete your outfit with matching shoes and a cute clutch or handbag.
  • It isn’t necessary to wear too much bling or jewellery on the day as your shoes, handbag and headpiece should be enough.

Essentials to Survive Race Day

  • Sunglasses, especially in spring and summer.
  • Lipstick for touch-ups and which can also be used as blush if necessary.
  • Cotton-tips: these are perfect for fixing eye makeup and lipstick.
  • Band-Aids for blisters that may occur from standing in heels for extended periods of time.
  • Safety pins and bobby pins for any wardrobe or hairstyle malfunctions which may occur!

The Etiquette of High Heels

Race day is an all-day affair and can involve walking and standing for long periods, often in grass, so your shoes must be chosen wisely.

  • Wear shoes with a thicker heel that will prevent you from sinking into the grass.
  • Break your shoes in before wearing them – don’t wear brand new shoes.
  • Wear gel in-soles if possible to help cushion the feet.
  • Don’t be afraid of taking a 2nd pair of shoes along, like more comfortable flats to help you get home with your dignity in tact!