What Not To Wear To The Races

What Not To Wear To The Races

The races are something that everyone really has to go to at least once in their lives. A day of high fashion, fun, sun and of course, betting and racing is an experience like no other. Naturally, with the high fashion comes a vast amount of potential faux pas that can be made, thus not endearing you to your more frequent race going friends

Cleavage – When Is Enough Enough?

There really is such a thing as too much cleavage. A small, tasteful amount just to show off your shapely self is great, but plunging necklines that distract people from not only each other but the horses as well, will be heavily disapproved of.

To be sure, check to see how much of your décolletage is actually visible. Ladies who go to the races are supposed to be just that, ladies. The Sport Of Kings has its name for a reason and it is definitely not from attracting a bunch of hooligans. Bear in mind that showing any kind of cleavage at all is banned in Dubai, one of the top horse racing countries in the world. So take that into consideration, and dress accordingly

It’s Outdoors

A race is outdoors. After all, it is a horse race, not a ball. By all means, dress in a gorgeous flowing frock, but keep your eveningwear for the after party. Wearing clothing that is sensible enough in order for you to actually get around the course on what could very likely be mud or grass is essential.

This is where the shoes come into play a well. Heels are very nice, but anyone who has walked on grass in them will tell you that standing still and trying not to sink is a nightmare. Wedges, flats and chunky boots if its cold are all good options as they are both pretty and capable of actually getting you around.

Hats, Not Just For Ladies

You may not be a hat person, but at the races it is expected that you wear one whether you like it or not. You do not necessarily have to wear a big floppy one; a small delicate fascinator will do just as well, but you really should have something on your head. Peaked caps do not count here, and neither do cowboy hats. For men, a well-designed man-hat will go a long way in helping you to become an acceptable member of the race day patrons.

Never, Ever Shorts

Guys, don’t ever wear shorts. Ever. For any reason- unless the closest you are getting to the races is at NZ betting sites. It may be 52 degrees out there but you must refrain from showing any leg whatsoever. Long cotton slacks are perfectly acceptable for hot weather, as are plain coloured chinos. Ladies may wear short skirts, but like the men short shorts are discouraged. Heavily discouraged. In fact, if you really don’t want to be invited back again be sure to rock up in denim shorts and a cowboy hat.

It May Be Hot, But Your Colours Shouldn’t be

Racegoers are supposed to be refined people with good taste. A gaudy, canary yellow suit or a purple vest and hot pink cravat do not really scream “refinement”. Stick to pastels or even better linen type colours like cream, beige and white. Ladies can be a bit brighter than the men are, but even so be sure to look with a critical eye at your outfit before you don it. If you think it in any way resembles Austin Powers or Jessica Rabbit, don’t wear it.