Top Fashion Tips Organised by Race Day

Top Fashion Tips Organised by Race Day

The excitement surrounding the ‘race that stops a nation’ is almost tangible and while the race is a guaranteed showstopper, the real fun is in admiring all the race day fashion. This year, if you’re planning on attending Derby Day, the Melbourne Cup, Oaks Day, or Stakes Day, you’re going to need some fashion tips so that you’re one of the admired attendees, not a fashion disaster!

General Race Day Tips

  • It’s important to choose the best quality that you can afford and a great tip is to buy a statement headpiece that can work across a few seasons and outfits. Silk and leather are great options as they work for both Spring and Autumn events, so you can be race day ready at the drop of a hat!
  • The four main events of the Spring Carnival all have recommended dress codes, so be sure to follow these guidelines. While rules are meant to be broken, you certainly don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb.

Derby Day

Derby Day is traditionally an all black-and-white affair, but over the past few seasons, we have seen a few pops of colour creeping in. If you opt to include colour in your ensemble, choose a pop of colour in accessories as opposed to your outfit. Think along the lines of red heels, a colourful statement neckpiece, or handbag. If you’re hoping to really stand out on the day, leave your favourite online gambling casino and choose an all-white ensemble for a crisp look.

The Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup is the absolute highlight of the Spring Carnival season and here colour is crucial. Pull out all the stops! Choose a colourful outfit paired with statement accessories and be sure to choose a headpiece which makes an impact. However, be careful not to look like a showgirl – bigger is not always better – and you have to have the confidence to pull of a really loud outfit.

Oaks Day

Oaks Day is also known as Ladies Day and for good reason. Feminine and subtle is the order of the day at Oaks Day, so be sure to reserve your prettiest looks for this race. Focus on floral accessories to add that Spring feel and flower crowns have been popular in the past few seasons. Remember that felt should always be reserved for Autumn and should not be included in your Spring ensemble at all. If you’re looking a headpiece, opt for a lightweight straw hat as opposed to a heavier fabric – I till pair with your Spring dress so much better.

Stakes Day

Stakes Day is the last of the four races and is an opportunity to relax your look a bit and let your hair down. A more informal look is best, so choose a lightweight dress with clean lines and pair it with a small headpiece for a noticeable impact. Remember that your outfit should always be a reflection of you and your look should never appear to be wearing you.