What to Wear to Horse Races

Horse Racing Event Fashion

Have you ever been invited to a party and shown up overdressed or under prepared for what was about to happen? Chances are that you have, in fact we all have in one way or another and this is deeply embarrassing for any person that is in this situation. This is why we would like to extend a helping hand for anybody that wants to attend the horse races whether it is for horse racing betting, or just for fun. What is the dress code? What should you expect to see? Fear not, after reading this guide you will be in complete control of any racing event!

Extravagant yet simplistic

This is my main motto when attending the races, often times when we thing of races, we imagine the wild hats and large dresses that we have seen in the movies and whilst this was the norm back in the day, things have changed slightly since then. The modern race day outfits whilst still extravagant to some degree, are a lot less simple than you would imagine. This is important to keep in mind when choosing your outfit. So lets take a look at some of the do’s and don’ts for modern day racing fashion.

For men

Let’s begin with the men. what is commonly seen in the racing world is that most of the men would wear a fitted suit that is paired in colors. This is a very simple approach and any man that wears this could probably get away with just the suit. For any man that wants to take it a little further and add a personal touch of style, there are many accessories that can accompany the suit. These include, bowties and ascots. However, if the suit is already vibrant enough on its own then be sure not to over do the vibrance. The look of the races is very sleek and elegant.

For women

Horse Racing OutfitsThe women’s horse racing fashion is a lot more colourful and energetic than the mens. Attending a race event, you can expect to see vibrant and colourful dresses accompanied at times by large hats that will have flowers or veils. This is not always the case as the hats have gotten progressively smaller over time, however an elegant and simple hat can do wonders for any outfit that is worn at the races. What is beautiful about these outfits is that any woman wanting to attend the races will be able to experiment with the elegance and extravagance that comes with the event, that can’t be experienced at https://onlinebetting.nz/horse/ which makes the reason for dressing up even more exciting. We all love a good dress up and this is the perfect opportunity to wear something that we normally would not wear.

Bringing it all together

Race day is a time for expression as previously mentioned, so be sure to wear an outfit that shows off your best qualities when attending the races. Keep it simple yet play around with the idea of opulence and extravagance and be sure to keep an eye out for your favorite races outfits.