How Activewear Became Everyday Wear

Love it or hate it, activewear as everyday wear seems to be a trend that just isn’t going away. From sporty sneakers with your office attire to leggings and cute sports bras for lunch dates, everyone seems to be picking up on the trend and making it work for them.

But how did this shift from the gym to normal life happen? It certainly started long before people were largely working from home thanks to 2020’s global pandemic.

A Lifestyle Shift

The last decade has seen a big shift in the way people think. This is largely due to the change in focus to highlight mental health concerns and overall wellbeing. This has led to people generally allowing themselves to take more time to focus on themselves and not just on their careers or their life goals. Through this shift, the clothing we want to wear seems to have shifted too.

If we are busy people, moving from meetings to lunches to the gym to collecting the kids to going out for dinner – we need clothing that can move with us. The fabrics used in activewear are usually very hardy but very comfortable at the same time. The styles of activewear are also highly varied now and come in some options that are ideal for a night out rather than just for the gym.

The Impact Of Social Media

Lifestyle and fitness influencers have been a big part of this activewear as everyday wear trend. Over the last decade, they have been able to beam images and videos of themselves in their activewear to millions of people all over the world. They have made the idea of an active lifestyle look very appealing and attractive. The average person can enjoy a slice of this life by just wearing the clothes – even if they aren’t actually active. It’s all about selling the dream of the lifestyle.

Another impact that social media has had is that the average person can now see into the everyday lives of celebrities. We see that they are not always dressed to the nines and on the red carpet. They too need to work out, play with their kids, go to the shops, walk their dogs, and they like to dress casually when doing so. This has made it okay for the general public to do so too – we don’t have to dress up all the time if we want to be taken seriously.

Why Should Buy High-Quality Activewear

Your activewear is something you should never skimp on, especially if you’re planning to wear it for high-impact sports.

  • It will last a long time – The demands placed on activewear when working out are strenuous and it will get very expensive if you need to regularly replace items.
  • It hides the sweat – When exercising, you should be sweating. However, if you’re wearing the activewear out afterwards, you don’t want to look like you’ve been sweating.
  • It washes well – You can throw your items in the wash weekly and they’ll bounce back into shape each time.