How To Choose Leggings For Your Gym Workout

As with a pair of tried-and-true blue jeans or the perfect handbag, a good pair of leggings can last years and also form the foundation of a great exercise ensemble (and gym session). If you’re in the market for a brand-new pair of leggings, consider the following features when you’re shopping.

Get The Right Fit

Finding the right pair of leggings is very important. A great pair will:

  • Keep you dry and cool
  • Provide the correct support and features
  • Will look and feel great on

Getting the fit right is vital — no one wants to be hiking their leggings up during a workout.

Leggings should fit like a second skin. You shouldn’t even know they’re there or notice the feeling of them on your skin. They should sit smooth against your skin including the crotch area. Any looseness there indicates that your leggings will start to slip down when you move. At the same time, you really don’t want them so tight they dig in or pinch — that will distract you from your workout so it’s important to stay true to your size.

Legging Lengths

When choosing workout leggings, one of the main things to think about is the length. There are three major styles of athletic leggings:

  1. Full length: These athletic leggings go to the bottom of your leg. Full-length leggings are a must for running in cooler weather.
  2. 7/8 length: These leggings usually hit right above the ankle and also below the calf.
  3. Capri length: These usually extend below the knee and around mid-calf. They provide more breathability as opposed to longer styles. Also they offer more coverage than shorts.

There are also a number of different rises that are available across various lengths.

  1. Mid-rise: This style hits below your belly button.
  2. High-rise: These leggings hit at or above your belly button. They tend to be quite a popular choice for activities such as spin class.


This category of leggings is more broader and more difficult to break down into an easy definition. It includes leggings with updated details that are made from premium materials. Luxe tights frequently do it all, making them some of the very best workout leggings. They’ll work for running, training at the gym, yoga or – alternatively – lounging around enjoying playing at an Indian casino online. Look for soft materials that wick sweat and are high-end as well as opaque. Also, you should choose a pair with pockets—preferably more than one.

The Right Functionality

Here are some recommendations on leggings for common workout routines.

Running/cardio: High-impact workouts call for durable leggings which can power through with you. Sweat-wicking material is a must as you’ll be ramping up your heart rate.

Stretching: Sitting, stretching and bending over means that you’ll be wanting extra stretchy leggings. Natural fabrics such as cotton and bamboo could be a good choice because they’re gentle on skin.

Weightlifting: Squats, lunges and lifts will put your leggings to the test. As you’ll be in front of a mirror for much of your workout, there’s no shame in going for an extra cute pair of exercise pants.