How To Look After Your Running Shoes

Running is an extremely popular activity that requires little equipment – the one thing it does need, though, is a good pair of running shoes. Getting your hands on the right pair can be costly, so you’ll want to keep them in tip-top condition for as long as possible. We’ve got a few suggestions that should help.

  1. Clean them

If you’ve got clean shoes then you’re more likely to take good care of them. Use a brush to remove dirt before using a damp cloth and some detergent to clean the upper part of your shoes. Laces can be washed by hand – avoid the washing machine. You can stuff them with newspaper to help with drying – never, never put them in the dryer.

  1. Untie and retie

It can be tempting to kick off your shoes after a run, but doing so breaks down the heel cup and results in ankle chafing and discomfort. Always untie your shoes – it takes less than a minute.

  1. Reserve them for running

If you’re wearing your running shoes for other sports, to the gym, or as your go-to option day-to-day, they’re going to break down a lot faster than they should. Running shoes are designed specifically for running and aren’t equipped to handle moves like burpees or jumping jacks.

  1. Keep them cool

Shoes might seem impervious to temperature changes, but exposing your running shoes to harsh sunlight or prolonged heat damages the rubber and breaks down the glue holding everything together. Parts of the midsole and upper can also be shrunk in intense temperatures.

  1. Give them a break

It might sound counterintuitive to prolong the life of your running shoes by using another pair, but in the long run (pardon the pun) it can save you money and potential injury from overused shoes. Just like sometimes you play at casino sites for Australians and other times you choose offshore sites, you need to mix your footwear up. Running shoes mostly use a type of foam for cushioning, which gets compressed quickly from the impact of your foot hitting the tarmac. If you’re using them for every run then the foam will deteriorate just that much faster.

  1. Run better

This one takes a little more thought than the others – but the fact is that if you have poor form, your shoes are likely to get broken down faster, as well as becoming worn to your footfall, which could even reinforce an uneven stride. Running shoes aren’t made to last forever, but repeated shockwaves in the same places on the sole will wear them down more speedily – especially if your feet are hitting the ground at an odd angle. It can feel awkward to adjust your form initially but the reward could be a much longer and more enjoyable running career.

There comes a time…

Your running shoes, like everything else in life, come with an expiry date. You can keep them going for longer if you take care of them properly, but after around 300-400 miles of wear and tear, they’re more likely to injure you than protect your feet from the road. Give them some TLC from the beginning to keep them, and your feet, happy.