How To Rock the Sports Luxe Look

The sports luxe look has been around for a while now, and it is one of those trends that doesn’t seem set to go away anytime soon. Wherever you look, you’ll see someone rocking the trend, and turning casual sportswear into something a lot sexier.

This trend may appear one of the more effortless, but don’t be fooled, there is a lot that goes into pulling off a supremely casual, sporty look. You can think of it a bit like the no make up makeup look, where it actually took a little effort and a lot of products to pull off the plain face. With sports luxe you don’t actually have to wear actual sports clothes in order to look sporty… confused? Keep reading…

Streamline yourself

Sports luxe is about creating a sleek silhouette and this is something to keep at the forefront of your mind. If you’re wearing one chunkier or oversized piece, make sure you pair it with another that is sleek and slim fitting. For example, if you don a chunky knit sweater, pair it with leggings to define your silhouette. Track pants with tapered legs, slim fit anoraks and fitted vests or tees and a slip dress paired with sneakers all work well to create the desired look.

Stick to one winner

There can only be one number 1. This is the cardinal rule of sports luxe as it is in sporting events too. You do not need to don sporty attire from head to toe to pull off this trend, rather pick one key piece and pair it with other minimal styled items. You’re aiming for an effortless, low maintenance look, so keep it as simple as claiming a Microgaming no deposit bonus!

Bring on the luxe

When perfecting this look don’t forget the luxe element! You’ll need to play around to find the perfect outfit, but your bets bet is to combine edgy sportswear with more classic items. Adding eels, a well cut coat or a blazer can give your outfit the edge it needs to push it from average to luxurious.

Watch the feet

Your shoes are one of the most important pieces of the entire sports luxe look and can make it or break it. There are two options you can go for here, so if you don’t like heel, you’re in luck. Classic plain sneakers are always a winner, especially when paired with a dress. If you don’t mind the extra height heels are always first prize though, as they can give you that feel of luxury that you’re after. A pair of heeled shoes or boots pushes the glamour factor up tenfold, but even the right sneakers can do much the same job too.

Style it right

Styling is all part of the look, and small things like rolling up the sleeves of a blazer can make a huge difference. The trick with sports luxe is to push the glamour factor just a little, but still maintain a relaxed vibe.