Inclusive Sportswear For Bodies Of All Sizes

For many years, for people over a certain size, finding sportswear was like finding hen’s teeth – almost impossible. Besides being frustrating and unfair for these people, this exclusion sends a devastating message: you are not good enough to be catered to.

Fortunately, as body positivity and health at every size movements have gained popularity, we are seeing more inclusive clothing options available for men and women along the full size spectrum. Even if you fall within the standard size range, you can be an ally to people with marginalised bodies by supporting these companies (and other companies like them) and allowing them to continue catering to bodies of all shapes and sizes.

Universal Standard

Universal Standard has been highly regarded for its innovative approach to inclusive, ethical fashion, and prides itself on being the world’s most inclusive fashion brand. One of company’s innovations has been its ‘Fit Liberty’ program, which guarantees to exchange an item of clothing if your body size changes, so that customers can shop without feeling any fear or anxiety. Universal Standard has an extensive range of work out and athleisure wear.


This British retailer (which ships globally from the UK, EU and US) has made a name for itself by providing fashion forward designs for a wide variety of body types at a pocket-friendly price point. The brand designs for those who are straight, plus, petite and tall sizes, and has activewear in fun, funky prints available in all of these categories.

Girlfriend Collective

Not only does Girlfriend Collective cater up to a size 6XL, but it prides itself on being a fully transparent ethical slow fashion brand. All products are made out of recycled materials like water bottles. Girlfriend Collective has a wide range of active wear, including minimal sports bras, and leggings, unitards, bike shorts and maternity wear.


Target has been catering trendy plus size fashion for some time now, and activewear is a staple in their offering. The All in Motion and Joy Lab lines range up to a size 4X with a range of workout bottoms, tops, sports bras and jackets/sweatshirts at affordable price points.

Superfit Hero

Down with diet culture and long live body positive fitness is the message from Superfit Hero. This line of ethically produced activewear ranges from XS to 5XL, and includes sports bras, leggings and shorts for every sport and size. The brand also has a unique ‘Body Positive Fitness Finder’ tool on its website, which allows you to search for body positive trainers, gyms or communities near you.

Good American

Inclusivity has been at the heart of this brand since its launch in 2016. The active wear range is trendy and performance driven, and includes sports bras, crop tops and printed leggings. Good American prides itself on the performance of its products. Key to this, they say, is the quality of the fabrics used, including four-way stretch, compression, UV and moisture-wicking. The range runs from XS to 4XL.