Choosing the Perfect Outfit for Playing Tennis

Choosing the Perfect Outfit for Playing Tennis


In the early 20th century, tennis fashion was dramatically different and highly restrictive – think trousers and cotton shirts for men and full-length dresses for women. Fortunately, tennis wear has come a long way since then and these days players have a wide range of choice for technologically advanced clothing to help manage weather conditions and the physical demands of playing the game.

The first tip for choosing an outfit for playing tennis is to consider the practical over the fashionable, as comfort and freedom of movement are more important than looking like a supermodel! Here are more tips for choosing your perfect tennis outfit.

Men’s Tennis Clothes

The first concerns for any male tennis player should be freedom of movement and keeping cool while playing. As such, you should avoid 100% cotton t-shirts as they retain sweat and stick to the body, which quickly becomes uncomfortable. Tennis shirts are now made primarily from synthetic fabrics as they offer the comfort of cotton without becoming wet and sticky with sweat. These specifically designed tennis shirts also enhance movement and have a lighter feel so you won’t feel weighed down. Your chosen tennis shorts should be comfortable, allow for freedom of movement, and have a pocket for storing spare tennis balls.

Women’s Tennis Clothes

Female tennis players across the world are surely rejoicing as they no longer have to wear full-length dresses on the court – can you imagine how uncomfortable this must have been? This celebration must have been akin to the first appearance of real money blackjack online! These days, women prefer to wear shorts or tennis skirts while playing, paired with a shirt specifically designed for playing tennis. Whether you choose shorts, a tennis skirt, or a tennis dress, the most important factors to consider are comfort, freedom of movement, and practicality over aesthetics. If you opt for a tennis dress or skirt, you’ll require a ball clip on your waistband and make sure to choose a comfortable and supportive sports bra.

Tennis Footwear

It can be argued that the most important part of your tennis outfit is your footwear as it’s crucial to having a good game. Tennis players constantly move across the court while running, stopping short, sliding, diving, and dragging the toe across the ground while serving. As such, the major considerations when choosing tennis footwear must be durability, comfort, support, and ventilation. While certain running shoes are perfectly suited for playing tennis, if you take the game more seriously, it’s a good idea to invest in shoes specifically designed for playing tennis. Consider getting a brace if you require ankle support and both men and women should choose cushioned socks with spares in their bag.

Tennis Accessories

Plenty of water, sports drinks, and sunblock are obvious must-haves for a successful tennis game as you can quickly become dehydrated if you’re not careful. Sweatbands on the forehead and wrist can also be helpful for slicking sweat off the forehead which could obscure your vision, but some players prefer to use a cap to help with this problem. However, caps and visors are mostly worn when the sun is low which could impede vision while serving or preparing to receive a serve.