What do women wear when playing tennis?

Tennis Attire for Women

Women’s tennis attire has changed significantly over the last few decades, nowadays women have the option to choose from a large range of outfits that will not only look good, but also enhance their tennis games. What are some of the best fashions that revolve around the game of tennis and how can you wear the perfect outfit whilst still enjoying the game at hand. This article will dive into the world of tennis fashion for women and outline a few ways that these clothes will enhance any players tennis game.

What to wear on the court

Traditional tennis outfits include dresses or skirts that can be worn on the court. This is the basis of all tennis outfits as it is fitting and comfortable for women to wear whilst being active. These days, although the outfits are surprisingly similar to the traditional outfits, they are more advanced in the sense that the types of dresses, skirts or even skorts have been specifically modified to enhance a players performance. This is done by adding light weight materials, and structuring these outfits to ensure that they are not restricted in any way which will allow them the ability to perform all of the moves needed in tennis. When making any tennis bets we will often ensure that the player we bet on is sporting a really good outfit, this adds reliability and we understand that that player is well equipped to play the game.


Women Tennis ClothesTennis clothes need to provide any player with comfort so that they can play at their best. Apart from the actual clothes themselves, players will need to find a fitting sports bra and the right shoes to ensure that they are able to play tennis without any distractions. There is nothing worse than having an uncomfortable bra and hard shoes that hurt every time you run. This needs to be taken into account when any player takes to the court.

The shoes

Much like any outfit, the shoes will make or break it. The same is true for tennis players. Tennis shoes are specifically designed to be used on tennis courts which will offer the player more agility and ability to make those hard to reach shots. Tennis shoes are very stylish in comparison to other sports shoes and often times will compliment the entire look of the outfit that you play in.

Where to find the best tennis outfits

The great news is that it is not hard to find form fitting, comfortable and extremely stylish tennis gear from any sports shop. Tennis is one of the biggest sports across the globe and finding a beautiful outfit will be a breeze. Often times these outfits are very stylish already and any person that wants to find a nice outfit can do so with ease.


Tennis is a loved sport and is one of the more popular sports amongst women these days. Whilst this sport does have a specific standard to the outfits that should be worn, any women is able to easily find a stylish and comfortable tennis kit that will not only allow them to play at their best but also to look their best whilst doing so.