The Essential Running Accessories

Running is so often a mental test between you and the road or you and the trails. You think that having the right shoes and a good mindset will get you through any training run or even the toughest race you’ve ever faced.

This is true, but some extra accessories might just make that journey a little easier and make you want to go further and faster.

A Good Rain Jacket

The key is to get the right option for your specific weather patterns. If you aren’t running in harsh, cold conditions, then a lightweight jacket is the right choice. It’s more about cutting out the worst of the rain and wind, if there is any. For colder climates, a thicker jacket with a good lining will keep you warm as you work.

A very useful feature is for the jacket to fold up in on itself. Some will even fold into a pocket that you can then zip shut. This allows you to take it off and carry something small and compact with you when you get too warm or the rain stops falling.

Reflective Belt

Being seen when out on the road is critical. Many running clothing will come with visibility strips sewn or stuck on, but those can fade, crumple or pull off quite quickly. A visibility belt, jacket or something like the Xinglet is a must when you’re running in bad lighting.

A Headlamp

As with being seen, being able to see is another critical area of running. A good headlamp is an absolute must if you know you’re going to be out when the sun isn’t. They also help with making sure you get seen by others out on the road.

Go for something that is rechargeable; you’ll end up spending less on batteries and you will know that the headlamp is always ready for use. The higher end headlamps can come with an array of settings that work for different situations. A strobe light is great for keeping you visible and a red light will work well if you don’t want to disturb those around you.

Bluetooth Earphones Or Headphones

Keeping the music going will help to keep you motivated on the roads. However, long wires going from your phone that you usually enjoy real money pokies for mobile on, or a music player can be quite annoying, and they can bounce around while you run. The array of Bluetooth options available now will ensure that you can find the right fit for your ears. There’s over the ear headphones, solo earbuds, earphones that connect via a wire or frame that sits behind your head, and so much more.

Water Holder

It’s important to stay hydrated while running, and many races are now switching to a “carry your own” scheme to cut down on single use plastic water sachets and the potential litter from that. A water bottle with a sleeve that fits over your hand will give you great flexibility and won’t make you feel like you’re gripping and carrying a bottle.