Top Activewear Trends for 2021

As we reach the end of the dark year of 2020, everyone is gearing up for a new one. With a clean slate coming up, we need to know what to wear!

Hoodies Continue to Dominate

We all know Mark Zuckerberg thanks to an almost universal reliance on Facebook. We also know him for showing up in hoodies at the boardroom, in interviews, and on stage. Many mocked him, saying that he needed to grow up and update his wardrobe to something more mature.

But he didn’t. So, he’s partly to thank for the rise of the hoodie.

As we go into next year you can look forward to a huge range of colour options for your hoodie. They will also become popular in lighter, softer fabrics that look great with other items in your wardrobe. And you can personalise them as you want to, adding just about anything to the theme and design you’ve chosen.

Hoodies are becoming a staple in activewear but haven’t lost the street style and traditional gym chic associated with them.

Longline Sports Bras

Thanks to the growth of athleisure and people working out and from their homes, the lines between sports bras and fitted crop tops are increasingly blurred. Much like the distinction between playing slots at land-based casinos or online at sites like!

Yoga pants aren’t confined to studios anymore, outdoor workouts have replaced inside classes, and Zoom meetings mean fewer trips to the dry cleaners! Your longline sports bra works in more than one way these days.

Personalised Gear

Ecommerce platforms pairing with on-demand product printing has allowed anyone interested to build a branded product store online. Inexpensive distribution and production mean these carriers can compete with bigger brands and dropshipping lessens the risk for boutique start-ups. Print-on-demand businesses have also reduced the need for sourcing, and you can bedeck your gear in almost any way you can think of!

Seamless Active Wear

Seams catch on to things, chafe your skin, and itch. And, in the same way that they assist in keeping things together, they can also cause havoc when they come apart! This has seen the rise of seamless clothing, and, these days, the fewer there are, the better.

Bear in mind, however, that seamless doesn’t necessarily mean there aren’t any. Instead, the merchandise has been produced in a circular pattern that reduces the need for seams. So, where there may have been four in a pair of leggings, there will now be two instead.

Ultra-High-Waisted Leggings

Low-waisted jeans, leggings, and pants are still very much a trend, but so is there opposite. And 2021 will usher in the ultra-high-waisted legging. These offer the core support and stomach control that their high-waisted counterparts do, but throw in extra coverage.

If you want leggings with even more coverage, then 2021 is going to be your year. If you aren’t comfortable with any skin showing except the slightest hint, then you’re going to love these leggings.