Modern Types of Jockey Fashion

For every horse on the racetrack, there’s a jockey, and the two together make up the sport we all know and love. If you’ve ever watched a horse racing event, you’ll know that it’s by no means a dull affair. Colour reigns supreme across everyone performing, with bright clothing on the jockeys, and a wreath of flowers for the winning horse at the end of a race.

The colourful getups you see on jockeys isn’t simply down to practicality, and there’s actually an entire world dedicated to the latest jockey fashion. It’s all about combining functionality with good looks, and few other sports are as well suited to the task. Not only are jockeys in incredibly good shape, but they’re also performance artists, and winning the hearts and minds of the crowd is just as important as winning the race.

In face, there’s some evidence to suggest that what a jockey wears on race day can actually have an effect on how popular they are with the audience, which can have a profound knock-on affect on how betting is done. This is why many betting sites, like the betting sites in Australia, make sure to give their viewers full, live view of the action as it happens.

The Tradition of Jockey Uniforms

For many racing teams, the look of the jockey comes down to tradition. Many of these teams have been in the sport for centuries, and over time have become associated with certain looks and features.

An important factor to consider here is the identification of a jockey. For those watching a race, and for the officials who need to keep track of what positions the racers are in, it’s important to know exactly who is where. This is where their uniform comes into play as far as practicality is concerned.

A Healthy Dose of Superstition

Like with many sports, horse racing has its fair share of superstition, and this extends to what the jockeys are wearing on race day. It’s reported that 40% of all winners have worn either blue or green, and while there’s no science behind the phenomenon, many have it down to luck. Blue and green are considered lucky among some circles, and the superstition has stuck, which is why many modern teams tend to gravitate toward the two colours for their official uniforms.

Conversely, Chinese racers don’t agree, as red is considered the colour of luck in China. Attending a race in China can attest to this, as a large number of the participants are dressed in red.

Modern Jockey Uniforms

Jockey uniforms are traditionally known as silks, and although the modern variants are actually made of materials like Lycra and polyester for the sake of performance, the tradition has stuck throughout the ages. Tradition, along with superstitions, will always play a big role in the horse racing world, and racing teams will always use the colours handed down to them by their forefathers.

Whatever has inspired a jockey’s uniform, we can all agree that the colourful arrangement of racers only makes the event that much more thrilling to watch.