How To Properly Wash Workout Clothing

Nothing takes as much punishment as the clothing that we wear both for working out and for playing sport. From the constant friction to the amount of salt in our sweat, durable sportswear can last for a long time, but only it it’s properly looked after, which is something that not everyone is able to get right at first, especially if the fabric tends to be a bit delicate. While new and more durable synthetic fabrics are entering the market every year, it’s still worth investing the time and effort to make sure all sportswear clothing is always in the best possible shape and that it will last many years from the day that it’s bought.

Always Dry Air Dry

Bacteria are one of the primary reasons that clothing starts to deteriorate at a rapid rate, especially if that clothing is kept in a moist environment for too long. This can quickly become a problem for a person that tends to dry their clothing in a machine – it doesn’t work that well and can lead to the proliferation of bacteria. Air drying is a much better option both for the clothing and the environment, and although many suggest washing after every session of activity, it’s a much better idea to instead get a hold of some antimicrobial fabrics that can significantly cut down on the amount of bacteria present.

Soak The Clothing

Dirt and grime can build up an astounding rate, and there aren’t many better ways of getting rid of both than by soaking the clothing before the start of every washing round. When soaking, it’s a good idea to add a little vinegar, the acid can kill a wide range of bacteria, remove dirt, and can make the clothing nice and soft, similar to how fabric softener works, while also offering some free time for Netflix or online casino in Sri Lanka.

Make Use Of a Mesh Bag

Any softer sportswear will quickly become damaged by the abrasive nature of washing machines, especially if the material is fairly light, along with the fact that the clothing can become tangled up in something of a mess, and more damage occurs when pulling everything apart. One way to avoid this is by adding the sportswear to a mesh bag in order to keep it separate from the other clothing. Cotton especially is known for its abrasive nature and can easily damage any other fabrics that it comes into contact with. For this reason, it’s a good idea to have a mesh bag on hand that’s able to hold all of the more sensitive sportswear gear and keep it safe.

Avoid Fabric Softeners

Fabric softeners are used to pull the fibres from the clothing to the surface, which gives them a softer and fluffier texture, and while this is okay for most normal clothing, it can do some serious damage to anything more specialised, such as the fabrics used in workout gear. It’s good practice to avoid fabric softeners altogether if possible, and to instead just always ensure that the clothing has been soaked well in vinegar before being washed.