Next-Gen Fabrics Currently In The Works

Clothing design has come a long way in the last few centuries. Where clothing at one time was little more than a covering to keep the elements at bay, modern science has allowed incredible breakthroughs in both the functions of clothing as well as the materials that they are made from.

The athlete of tomorrow won’t only have to choose cotton, nylon, or neoprene for their quality and high-performance active clothing. Instead, the next generation of sports clothing is set to be more comfortable and more practical than ever before.

Carbon Clothing

Our carbon emissions are of great concern and are largely responsible for the way that our earth is warming. Some companies, such as Newlight Technologies, are working on a type of eco-friendly material that actually pulls carbon out of the air.

The material has been in development for more than a decade, and is made using special methane-based microorganisms, which means that the material is certified as carbon negative. This is a much greener type of clothing that athletes can choose to wear and can already be found being used in well-known branded sports clothing, such as Nike, and others.

Bio-Based Fabric

Another kind of fabric that’s making big waves in the athletic world is bio-fibre. These are fabrics that are created using the excess residues obtained from food crops, residues that would otherwise end up as waste. The materials that are created are extremely high-quality and durable, making them a top choice for the athlete that wants to wear performance clothing that has a long life.

Some of the foods that are used to create this material includes hemp, pineapple, CBD, bananas, and flax. Not only does it cut down on the overall waste that’s created from large-scale food production, but it has created an entirely new industry of jobs in many poorer regions around the world. There are similar other materials that are based on plant fibres, with a special focus on the strong natural material known as cellulose, which makes up the majority of plant matter.

Smart Clothing

Smart clothing has had a lot of success in the professional sports world – and is used extensively to measure the performances of athletes, such as pro football players. This is clothing that makes use of special circuitry to keep track of the vitals and other physical elements of the wearer, including their pulse rate, their blood pressure, as well as the number of steps that they are taking.

Smart clothing can be found in every shape and size imaginable, ranging from full-body suits that measure a large range of different data, to a simple pair of socks that connect to a smartphone and work as a pedometer, which also makes it easy to stay healthy while also enjoying real money casino pokies with ease.

Smart clothing also tends to be made of some of the most durable fabrics on the market, which is often a part of the reason they demand a high price.