The Best Fabrics For Winter Sports

For many athletes, by the time the colder months swing around, it may put an end to their regular sporting activities, often out of the fear of becoming sick or from causing muscle damage from exercising in the cold. Fortunately, there are a number of fabrics on the market that are designed to deal with the colder weather, and can keep the body warm enough to continue any exercise regimes over from the summer months.

These are the top fabrics for sports in the winter.

  1. Leather/Faux Leather

Leather is one of the oldest materials in the world, and one of the reasons for this is because it’s able to retain body heat fairly well, while also retaining its comfort and durability. Leather is unique on the list as it tends to become stronger over time, and can slowly from to the wearer after a number of years. It’s a strong shield against the elements, and if it’s maintained properly, it can last for decades. For those that don’t want to wear leather, faux leather is a good alternative that can provide the same benefits.

  1. Wool

Wool has long been used by humans thanks to its protection against the cold, and it’s the perfect choice for taking out on an especially chilly day. Raw wool can an expensive material to buy, so for most people it’s a better idea to make use of synthesised wool. It works well in winter because of its natural insulating qualities, and is especially viable in countries where the temperature tends to drop extremely low, especially for those running home to enjoy a game in a bingo hall Sweden.

  1. Fur/Faux Fur

While it may not be that easy to find due to its loss in popularity in recent years, fur remains a good choice for anyone wanting to head outdoors for their morning jog. It’s a good fabric for use in every day coats and jackets thanks to its natural comfort and warmth retention, and while the fur trade is dying out by the day, there are still plenty of second-hand clothing items that can still be bought. For animal-friendly athletes, faux fur is a great alternative to the real thing, and provides many of the same qualities.

  1. Cotton

Cotton is by far the most popular type of material on the market, which means that it’s both abundant and fairly cheap. Cotton has a number of beneficial qualities, with one of them being that it’s perfectly good to use on a cold day, especially if lining a wind-proof running jacket. Cotton is also a good choice for those that have an allergy to fabrics such as fur or wools, and it’s also extremely durable.

  1. Fleece

Fleece is a common material used during winter, and it’s both lightweight and extremely warm, making it perfect for everyday usage. Finding a fleece-lined coat or jacket is common enough that they can be bought practically anywhere, and due to its inexpensive and lightweight nature, it’s a good companion to take running in the morning. Fleece, however, is not water resistant, meaning that it’s not suited for rainy or snowy weather.