The NASA-Inspired Racing Fabrics

The suits used in professional racing need to be extremely robust. The crashes that drivers can be involved in often mean that they are exposed to fire, high impact, as well as debris, meaning that they need as much protection as possible in case things go wrong.

Much of the sportswear that today’s drivers make use of is inspired by the materials designed by NASA for the astronauts that they have sent into space over the last few decades. NASA invested countless millions of dollars into creating tough suits that were able to withstand the harshness of outer space, so it makes sense that many companies would make use of these same designs and materials for racing gear, where drivers need full protection. With that in mind, this is the story of how NASA-inspired racing suits are being used in NASCAR.

Hardened Materials

NASCAR is one of the most brutal forms of racing in the world, and there are countless accounts of drivers making a bad turn and ending up in a fiery wreckage. That’s why those at NASCAR have long made it their mission to design protective gear to keep their drivers safe, while also allowing them as much motion as possible.

Many of the racers that participate in NASCAR races are wearing suits that are based on the same technologies that keep the astronauts safe while in space, with a special focus on the heat-resistant capabilities of these suits. This is important, as NASCAR drivers are often exposed to extremely high temperatures that are caused by the engines of the vehicles when pushed to their fast speeds, and drivers will always need a way to be kept safe from the worse heat that the engines produce, especially when they start hitting speeds close to 300 kilometres per hour.

Phase-Changing Materials

The material that makes up the underclothing of the NASCAR drivers are based on a special material used in the gloves of the astronauts. The idea behind this material is to provide a consistent and comfortable temperature for the wearer, which is vitally important for the astronauts who often have to deal with extreme temperatures that would otherwise kill a human being.

This material has now successfully been incorporated into the underclothing of the drivers, meaning that they are kept at a stable temperature throughout the race. What this also means is that lap times on the track have been significantly reduced, and it’s believed that this is due to less stress being put on the body from the heat.

More comfort and lower heart rates mean that the drivers are making fewer mistakes on the track, which is ultimately a good thing in a sport that can often be dangerous, which would also be great for those that want to learn how to play keno. It’s expected that other racing sports will begin to adopt this kind of material, such as Formula 1, allowing the drivers to give their best while also safer and more comfortable on the track.