What is Compression Clothing?

What is Compression Clothing?

Over the last few years sportsmen and women have begun wearing compression clothing.  These items fit tightly and include such items as socks, shorts, tights and shirts.  Compression clothing squeezes the muscles very tightly and it has been said that this type of clothing can improve performance and also assist with faster recovery.

Compression clothing is not only helpful to athletes, but also beneficial for people who may have to stand for long periods at a time, and for those with poor circulation.  There are varying degrees of compression clothes, and they are manufactured from a spandex type fabric.  Studies has shown that compression clothing works very well for jumping as well as it being beneficial for sprinting and cycling.

Benefits of Compression Clothing

Because of the nature of this clothing the muscles are kept warm which means that it helps prevent muscle strain and fatigue.  It helps minimise sweating, which will minimise chafing and rashes. Some companies distributing sports apparel have said that compression clothing, especially the shorts, may even enhance performance.  Athletic performance is enhanced by the clothing before, during and after the event by improving circulation, helps with muscle containment and reduces muscle vibration.

Compression clothing is used in sports such as baseball or softball to keep undergarments in place – not something you need to consider when playing the bingo Canada has to offer!  These sports make use of padding for the hips which helps prevent injuries when the player’s slide.

Compression stockings have also become very useful in the medical field and help to halt the progress of medical disorders.

Athletes, especially men who will no longer need to make use of cumbersome jockstraps, use the shorts and tights and so compression clothing has been the item of choice especially for the younger athletes.  Many of these items of clothing have a sewn in pocket that holds a protective cup to give extra protection to athletes.

Woman athletes prefer to wear compression clothing under their skirts for example women’s lacrosse players as well as tennis players.  It is also more comfortable and modest as players do not have to worry that their underwear has been exposed while playing.  For tennis, the compression shorts often have a ball pocket which makes it much more convenient.  There have also been claims that compression clothing helps with weight loss because of sweating.  Athletes will perspire more, which in turn leads to water weight loss.

Helps Reduce or Prevent Injuries

Compression clothing is thought to assist with injuries.  It reduces muscle oscillation and it has been thought that the tights may aid in reduction of stress injuries.  It may also help with better proprioception, which in turn may reduce injuries so joints are not over extended.

Compression clothing may also be beneficial for people who have existing injuries, as the clothing provides support for minimising movement of underlying tissues and acts as a support strap or bandage might.  Skin temperature is increased and not the core temperature, but this does not mean that warming up is not necessary, but can aid with the process.