Explaining You about What Not to Wear to the Gym

Whether you’re going to the gym for a gentle workout, to train for a marathon, or to really bulk up and improve your fitness, there are a few dress code rules you need to consider. And while most gyms will give a brief outline as to what is expected in the wardrobe department, they don’t always cover everything, so we’ve decided to do just that.

Heavy Perfume or Cologne

You’re going to be sweating up a storm in the gym, so you may be tempted to douse yourself in extra perfume or cologne. Don’t! No one else needs to smell your favourite scent, and some people may find it intoxicating or even that it irritates their sinuses or eyes. Rather stick to a decent deodorant, and if you really cannot resist the perfume, opt for a perfumed body lotion instead of spritzing yourself all over.

Clunky Jewellery

Not only will it get in your way, it can make an annoying noise too. Don’t believe us? Think about the jangling that bracelets can make, then imagine that on the treadmill next to you, clanging out every step. Plus, sweat can corrode jewellery or tarnish it, so it is best left off when working out.

Too Tight Kit

Too tight kit can be incredibly uncomfortable, but it can also be very unflattering too. You don’t want to attract attention for all the wrong reasons, especially if your pants are about to burst, you have a major muffin top, or you run the risk of a wardrobe malfunction if you lean forward. By all means wear tight, well fitted leggings, sports bras and other exercise gear, but make sure you’re not falling out of it, and that you have complete freedom of movement to get the most from your workout.

Make Up

Light make up is absolutely fine, but no one wants your smeared foundation on the machines, especially if it is oil based and doesn’t wipe off! Rather wash your face before you start working out, or stick to the less is more rule and wear a little bit of concealer or BB cream and waterproof mascara.

Smelly Shoes

Yes, we know, sneakers can start to smell bad if you sweat in them a lot, but if you cannot keep them odour free you need to look at investing in a new pair, or finding a pair that doesn’t harbour bacteria. There is nothing worse than foot odour, and no one want to be next to someone with smelly feet, especially in an environment where you are breathing deeply.

100% Cotton Clothes

But 100% cotton breathes so well you think. Yes, but it also absorbs every little drop of sweat and leaves you feeling like you are working out in a wet towel. This means that whatever machines you sue you’ll leave wet patches or even puddles on, and this is less than desirable for all parties. Rather opt for specially designed sweat wicking clothes that absorb sweat and stay dry.