Choosing the Correct Fabric Dependant on Yoga Type

While you may tempted to just wear your old gym gear to your first yoga class, we wouldn’t recommend it as yoga gear is designed and scientifically developed for the specific needs of yoga practitioners. Not only do you need to have ease of movement so the fabric needs to be stretchy, but you also need to wear a fabric that is breathable as you’re likely sweat during yoga training. The amount you sweat is however largely dependent on which type of yoga you plan on practising. Here we discuss the pros and cons of the three most popular sportswear fabrics – cotton, synthetic, and blends – and help you describe what the best fabric for yoga is.


Cotton is often preferred by yoga practitioners as it is a natural fabric made from the fibres of the cotton plant, instead of the plastic-type fibres which synthetic materials are made from. However, there are pros and cons to wearing yoga gear made from cotton:


  • Soft on skin
  • Resistant to pilling
  • Pills are shed if they do form
  • Absorbs moisture


  • Not as breathable as a synthetic fabric
  • Tends to fade


The term “synthetic” fabric is a blanket term used to describe a large number of different types of fabrics. The most common synthetic fabrics used to produce yoga gear are polyester, nylon, and spandex, but you may also see names such as Lycra or Supplex – the varieties are almost as wide-ranging as the number of games at Here are the pros and cons of using synthetic fabrics for yoga gear:


  • Highly effective at moisture-wicking
  • Retains its shape


  • Prone to pilling
  • Retains a stronger sweat odour
  • Not as gentle as cotton on the skin

Cotton-Synthetic Blends

There are pros and cons to both cotton and synthetic fabrics and that’s why the majority of yoga practitioners make use of gear which is made from a cotton-synthetic blend. When wearing a good-quality blend for yoga, your gear will have a soft feel, be effective at moisture wicking, and retain it shape and colour better, but it will also retain odours and be more prone to pilling. Unfortunately we are yet to find a fabric which has only pros, but we suspect that it hasn’t been invented yet!

Best Gear by Yoga Type

While you may want to find gear suitable for any type of yoga, we suggest consulting the below guide to help you figure out what exactly you should wear depending on the type of yoga you’re practising.

  • Hatha or Yin: Cotton and cotton blends in looser cuts, full-length pants, and softer materials.
  • Basic Yoga: For practising level 1 yoga we suggest tighter fitting cotton blends in any length.
  • Vinyasa or Ashtanga: Look for a pair of yoga pants that is streamlined and breathable in your preferred length.
  • Hot Yoga: As you’ll be getting extra sweaty, we suggest shorter capri or “booty” type shorts made from a cotton blend for maximum breathability and moisture wicking.