A journey through time, a brief history of sportswear

Sportswear History

Sportswear history is a wonderful subject and it is amazing to see the transformation over the last few decades. Sportswear has undergone a massive change and is constantly evolving and changing to morph into something bigger and better with every new season. So let’s take a look at the history of sportswear as a broad overview and see what has changed.

We now keep up to date

In the past, we did not have the access to the amazing levels of information that we do today when it comes to sportswear, often times we will see advertisements on the top sports betting sites that will show us the newest and greatest thing in the world of sportswear. This is a great step for any person that enjoys sports as the modern times allow us to keep informed and on top of our game by knowing what the latest and greatest technologies are.

Improvements over time

Think back to the first time you put on a sporting outfit, now think about how itchy and scratchy that outfit was. The history of sporting goods is not very old and in the last few decades we have accelerated the technological advances that come with the sports clothing and apparel that we wear. This is because more and more people are getting involved in sports everyday and providing them with the best equipment for the task at hand has become a huge industry.

The evolution of sportswear

The way that sportswear has evolved and changed over the years is incredible and it is funny to note how this change almost directly coincides with the fashion of the date. Those sporting outfits that we laugh at today for looking funny and ridiculous in the twentieth century was actually extremely popular and was considered to be the in thing. What is even more exciting about sports fashion is how the sporting world actually becomes the fashion for everyday people. Think about Nike shoes that were designed for running, jumping and playing on the field. These have now transcended into our everyday lives and have become somewhat of a staple in every household.

What are the biggest changes to sportswear over the years?

History of SportswearThe biggest changes are not necessarily due to what the current fashion is,  but more to do with what sport is being played. The sportswear that is being sold and used today looks and feels the way that it does due to trial and error. The companies that are making these items are always looking for ways that players can enhance performance with the clothes and fashions that they wear.

How has this effected the sporting industry?

This has effected the industry of sports in a huge way. In the past, companies would not manufacture large amounts of sporting goods as there was not that high of a demand for these goods. However, now that the sporting world is directly linked to the fashion world, these companies are manufacturing more and more of these products for a larger scale. This means that more money is being put into the sporting world and that the sports products that we know and love will only become better over time.

Local vs International

It is clear that the international brands are definitely more popular, but it is also known that local brands are also on the rise due to the popularity of locally produced brands throughout history. We can often see some of our favourite sports stars wearing and promoting local brands and this will only further build onto the already thriving sporting community.  History shows us that the local brands have potential to grow with the sporting world and become international over time and this is great for any brand that makes quality sportswear


The history of sports apparel has a huge impact on our culture today. Whether we choose to play a sport or simply enjoy watching or betting on sports, we are well aware of what fashion trends are out there and what we can do get our hands on them. Sport is a tradition in almost every country and in many ways brings people together.