The Origins of Today’s Lacrosse Sticks

Much like the web’s best no deposit Microgaming casinos, lacrosse sticks have had to go through a long and complex evolution to get to their current, expert state. It would be virtually impossible for players to play this historical game without the proper equipment, so there has been a centuries-long essential process of trial and error to create the perfect stick to help the sport to thrive.

However, just like the online casinos mentioned above, lacrosse and its equipment have finally reached their peak, offering a level of functionality and convenience that has never been seen before. If you’d like to know more about how this unique piece of equipment came into being, read on.

The Mohawk Indians and Lacrosse

You might be shocked to learn that the lacrosse stick as we know it today was actually invented by the Mohawk Indian Native American tribe. The Mohawks developed the tool during the 1630s, creating it to make younger Indians stronger and more formidable and to aid them in settling arguments with one another. Some old illustrations of this tribe even show them wielding sticks nearly identical to those used in the sport today.

Of course, the Mohawk tribe didn’t just develop the stick as an accessory; they played lacrosse, too! The game soon became well-known for making tribe members stronger and fitter, not to mention more resilient during enemy attacks. Fast forward to 1937, and modern Americans in Great Lakes, Michigan decided to create two ‘walls’ to keep the ball within a certain jurisdiction, officially creating the game of lacrosse.

The Purpose of Specialized Equipment

The purpose of lacrosse sticks has also come a long way since the times of the Native Americans. Nowadays, the equipment is used to allow players of all ages to have fun without having to use their hands while they do. The stick is made to catch a special ball, and then to throw it to a certain target.

To catch the ball, players need to line up the net with the ball and let it fall into the small net attached to the top end of the stick. Once they have caught the ball, they must throw it again by lining their sticks up with their targets and using a specialized motion to aim accordingly. Without this equipment, lacrosse would certainly be a lot harder to play, and would not be the beloved sport that we know and love today either.

What the Future Might Hold

As for what the future holds for lacrosse sticks, experts can only speculate for now. It is expected that the sticks of the future will have slimmer, lighter shafts to better distribute heat and pressure, as well as stronger netting with waxed coverings to more efficiently catch the ball.

The netting also helps to prevent the stick from breaking, so future innovations will likely focus on this aspect of the equipment particularly. Lacrosse sticks have also become longer and more tapered over the years when compared to their original predecessors, so manufacturers might well continue this trend in years to come too. Essentially, fans of the sport will just have to wait and see!